Apple displays new IPhone 11



The new IPhone comes in a variety of bold colors.

Recently Apple fans met up at the Steve Jobs Theater for Apple’s special event on September 10 , to view the many new hardware products for the 2019-2020 year.

However, in the spotlight was the new IPhone 11 with the new widely recognized camera setup. With apple making the iPhone available for pre-order as of September 13 on their website, many apple users have been posting and retweeting about the new edition with many mixed feelings.

The new “pro camera system” has created much controversy on why Apple had decided to place these three camera lenses on the phone. Thousands of comments have been made over the last couple days on the cameras, creating memes and web postings on the “funny looking”cameras for the new IPhone 11.

These cameras have been compared to oven stoves and made fun of in many twitter post like the “Mitosis” meme, which is the most popular tweet based on the new release going around.

Although an abundant amount of people our making jokes about the new IPhone, Apple keeps it name by always having plenty in store with their products. The IPhone 11 will be available on September 20 for most service carriers and they anticipate on having an ample amount of buyers.

With Apples statement on the IPhone 11 having “Pro cameras. Pro display. Pro performance” consumers should be very happy with the new product with “just the right amount of everything.”

Not only are there new colors of the phone, the dual camera system will brighten up each of your photos taken, creating amazing memories. Also having one of the fastest chips ever in a smartphone; it makes using your everyday cellphone faster and more efficient for school, work or socializing. Along with being fast i, Apple has risen the stakes with their updated all-day battery life for long days spent on your phone.