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Melanie Martinez ends hiatus with K-12 film and album

This is the album cover for K-12, Melanie Martinez's new school themed album

Melanie Martinez

This is the album cover for K-12, Melanie Martinez's new school themed album


Melanie Martinez is an American singer and songwriter. She is known to be an adult baby because of her two front baby teeth that never fell out, her aesthetic style, and her two-toned hair inspired by the Disney character Cruella De Vil.

 She rose into popularity as a contestant for the American reality show, The Voice. In her audition to the show she did a cover on the song ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. With her guitar and gifted voice, Melanie was known to become one of the most successful contestants on the show. She later produced her debut single ‘Dollhouse’ and then her album “Crybaby” which was a major success for her singing career.

 Most of her songs revolve around her personal experiences expressed throughout her songs in different themes such as romance and family issues. Her classmates use to call her a crybaby for being very sensitive and emotional and she used it as an inspiration for the title of the album “Crybaby.”

 Melanie released a new album and film on September 6th, 2019 known as K-12. She began working on the album in 2015 and finished it in early 2017. The album consists of 13 tracks. Some include “Wheels On The Bus”, “Strawberry Shortcake”, and “High School Sweethearts”.

She also created a musical film using the songs from the album to tell a story. Melanie plays the role of Crybaby, a strong and sensitive girl, who is sent away to a disturbing sleepaway school.

In the film, Crybaby acts as a narrator as the story is being told by her perspective of the place and its surroundings. Melanie sends a lot of hidden messages within her film and songs revolving around anti-bullying and other problems related to the real world.

 Her album and film reached number two trending on YouTube. The K-12 CD and DVD is available on the Melanie Martinez merch site and in stores including Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, and Target.

The K-12 tour will begin in October of 2019 and tickets can be found on the Ticketmaster website. Some of the cities she will be going to include Atlanta, GA, Houston, Texas, and many more. Melanie Martinez has grown in her singing career coming back strong with the K-12 album and film having her fans off the edge of their seats.

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‘The Voice’ Alum Accused of Sexual Assault

Melanie Martinez, a famous singer from her appearances on The Voice, has recently been accused of sexual assault. Former best friend, Timothy Heller, went to Twitter and posted a detailed account of what allegedly happened.

Heller stated that Martinez continuously pressured her for sex, during the course of a two-night sleepover. During the second night, Martinez molested her and performed vile acts on her, even after Heller said no and pretended to be asleep.

In Heller’s tweet, she wrote that her friendship with Martinez was steered by her having “power over” Heller emotionally.

“Her power over me grew and grew and I was silenced,” Heller wrote.

After these allegations, Martinez released her own statement on Twitter denying Heller’s accusations. She stated that they shared a close friendship, and helped each other while they were both starting their careers.

“She never said ‘no’ to what we chose to do together,” wrote Martinez.

On December 11, 2017, Martinez posted an additional comment to her Twitter. She thanked her fans and stated that Heller made “false statements.” Martinez also added that her intentions are always pure and she would never be intimate with someone without their consent.

Throughout the recent spike in media reporting of sexual assault allegations, Heller’s story about Martinez is the first time a well-known woman has been publicly accused of the crime.

Photo Credit: Daniel Hager
Melanie Martinez, shown above, has recently been accused of sexual assault.
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