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Murder Hornets Invade the U.S.

Despite their nickname, the

Courtesy of ABC News

Despite their nickname, the "Murder Hornets," pose no threat to humans, but the hornets do pose a threat to honeybees.

Recently, news has come out that a certain insect has entered the country, more specifically Washington State; it is called an Asian giant hornet, but is being titled the “Murder Hornet,” in the United States. 

Here in America, the media has decided to give this insect the name “Murder Hornet,” while in Japan they call the Japanese giant hornet the great sparrow bird due to the size of the insect. The Asian Giant Hornet is the world’s largest hornet with a body around 1.8 inches long and a wingspan of about 3 inches.

An Asian giant hornet is a danger to honeybees because they do not have a defense mechanism for this predator. Coyote Peterson is known for his YouTube channel: Brave Wilderness, where he goes out to learn and explore the wildlife around him.

When talking about the threat that the Asian giant hornet brings to the honeybees, Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson explains, “What the hornets will do is come in and decimate an entire colony by stinging and decapitating all the worker bees, they work their way in, eventually kill the queen, and then they eat all of the larva.”

One of Peterson’s more popular segments seen on his YouTube channel is seeing Peterson go out to find creatures with defense mechanisms such as stingers and venoms, and he tests the insects bite or sting on himself. Peterson posted a video of him being stung by the Asian giant hornet on November 23, 2018 titled, “STUNG by a GIANT HORNET,” and it currently has over 25 million views on YouTube. In the video, Coyote Peterson states, “ I am completely honest when I say that the Japanese giant hornet is an overall more intimidating and ultimately more painful sting than the bullet ant.”

To compare the two separate insects on that scale is really saying something because the bullet ant has been said to be one of the most painful stings in the world. Peterson later said in a separate video, “ [It is the] second most painful insect sting in the world.”

With all of this build up about the “Murder Hornet” creating so much buzz in the media, Coyote Peterson decided to ease the tension and worry surrounding the Asian giant hornet. Peterson recently posted a video called, “MURDER HORNET MADNESS! – 10 Things You NEED to know!,” on May 5, 2020; and the video was filled with facts and knowledge to calm down the fear of this daunting insect.

In this video that has over 6 million views, Peterson answered many questions roaming around on the Internet, and provided facts to clear up the misconceptions of the so called “Murder Hornet.” One thing that Peterson cleared up was, who needs to be afraid? Peterson stated, “Honestly, nobody. Nobody that’s human, that is. Now beekeepers definitely need to be aware because it’s the bees that do need to fear the hornets.”

Coyote Peterson gives out a lot of information about the “Murder Hornet” that has cleared up the air about the insect. To see this video, check out the Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube.

Only one of these hornets has been accounted for in Washington so this means that there is not a swarm of them in the United States. Of course people should be aware of the hornet and what it can do, but the public should not be extremely afraid of it. 

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Amazon Struggles During COVID-19 Pandemic

Amazon has to adapt their processes to align with social distancing standards while ensuring customers recieve their products.

Jordan Stead- Amazon

Amazon has to adapt their processes to align with social distancing standards while ensuring customers recieve their products.

Pressure has been put on Amazon as the company deals with delays for sold-out items. There have been complaints from employees about their workplace safety and their concerns about crowded hiring events. Workers are also concerned about limited disinfectants and the company following through with commitments.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 have hit more than a dozen Amazon facilities in the past weeks calling for centers to be closed for deep cleanings. Amazon’s decision was to keep the centers open for business causing employees to petition to close the building in order to follow the social distancing guidelines. 

Southern California Amazon workers are demanding the company to shut down infected warehouses for at least two weeks because social distancing has been almost impossible in some workplaces. 

The company’s Eastvale warehouse in Riverside county was the first to report employees testing positive for the virus has escalated up to three confirmed cases as of this week.

A delivery center in Hawthorne, an Amazon Prime Now warehouse in Los Angeles and two other facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties have been some of the facilities affected and some have reported cases in late March. 

Amazon is providing up to two weeks of pay to workers that are diagnosed with Covid-19 or quarantined to ensure they can self-isolate themselves and not suffer a loss of income. The company is also offering unlimited unpaid time off for hourly workers through the end of April.

Amazon is taking measures to reduce infection in facilities by sanitizing screens and door handles during the workdays. Time shifts have also been staggered to promote social distancing for employees. 

There have been daily temperature checks for employees in the United States and Europe which began Sunday, March 9. More than 100,000 employees are receiving temperature checks per day and are also being checked before entering their workplace.

Any employee found to have a temperature of above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to go home and not return until having gone three days without the fever. 

Employees have been told to stay three feet apart, wash hands or use hand sanitizers. Some workers have said Amazon isn’t providing sufficient cleaning supplies at facilities or properly enforcing social distancing. 

Concerns about Amazon’s safety measures have escalated as employees in at least 15 warehouses across the U.S. have tested positive. 

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Coronavirus Poses A Major Threat



Orange nations represent where at least one person has been infected by the coronavirus, the virus is spreading quickly all over the globe.

The most important festival on the Chinese calendar, Lunar New year, was January 25, but in the Chinese city of Wuhan there were few reasons to celebrate. A deadly outbreak of coronavirus entered the city in the last month, endangering the 11 million inhabitants.

Within weeks of the outbreak the virus has spread killing 170 people and there are more than 7,000 cases that have been confirmed in mainland China. The Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread across Asia and the rest of the world.

People are taking the incident very seriously and have been seen walking around with face masks for their safety and the safety of others. Police and security officers have also been seen in face masks standing outside of the city’s center market, Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.

The coronavirus was traced back to the Wuhan market where live wild animals such as bats, rats, snakes, dogs, and monkeys were being sold. Scientists believe that the animals that were sold at the market might have contained the coronavirus. People consumed these wild animals in unhygienic conditions which created the spark for the coronavirus outbreak.

The sale of live animals has been temporarily banned, but should be completely banned because of the threat to human survival posed by the disease within these animals. The market is being guarded and civilians are prohibited from entering the area.

People are starting to fear and speculate that it may turn into a possible epidemic. The Wuhan government has tried to contain the outbreak, but their efforts were too late, as the virus was able to spread to several provinces across the country. China has gone on lockdown in attempt to prevent further spreading. Other countries have taken preventive measures to avoid outbreaks by shuting down flights to China.

Tour agencies have banned Wuhan from allowing anyone out of the city,placing the city under quarantine. Passengers are provided with masks, gloves, and are having thermometer checks on their heads for fevers.

President Trump has 20 US airports checking passengers for symptoms of coronavirus since there has been six confirmed cases, two in California, one in Arizona, one in Washington, one in Illinois and the first person to person transmission in Chicago. U.S health officials say the risk in the U.S remains low.

There are more than 1,000 Americans stuck in Wuhan. The Trump administration was considering a complete travel ban on China to prevent spreading. Scientists across the US are trying to create a vaccine for the coronavirus but are struggling to make the vaccine available.

People are encouraged to watch out for the symptoms the virus may cause as it is becoming a huge threat to humans. Washing hands, covering coughs, and making smart choices when purchasing meats should be considered. The virus continues to spread across the globe and has reached 17 countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Germany and the United States. The coronavirus has called for a global emergency and countries are trying their best to help the situation and prevent spreading. Could this be the start of a worldwide deadly epidemic?

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Adamari Jaimez, Staff Writer

Adamari Jaimez is a junior at Durant High School. She was a staffer for the Durant yearbook and then became a Staff Writer for the Pawprint newspaper to...

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