Weezer releases New Single “Can’t Knock The Hustle” for highly anticipated “The Black Album”



Back in late May, the quirky alternative rock band, Weezer, released a massive hit cover of Toto’s “Africa” after a campaign of fans who wanted to see their favorite rock band perform their favorite song. The campaign, led by Twitter user, “@weezerafrica,” reached it’s milestone success after Weezer finally released the hit song “Africa” following a cover of Toto’“Rosanna.”

Weezer’s frontman, Rivers Cuomo, discussed in many past interviews of a future project titled The Black Album. The Black Album was planned on being a successor to 2016’s hit The White Album, while contrasting itself from White’s beachy rock themes for a darker urban theme.

Cuomo stated, “The next album is going to feel like an urban environment, night-time and gritty and hopefully a lot more modern sounds, synthesized sounds, samples maybe. I like to break away from the distorted power-chord thing but it’s hard ‘cos it works so well.”

Due to 2017’s Pacific Daydream and “Africa” creating a delay for  The Black Album, many fans were left anxious for Weezer to unveil it’s new material centering it’s mysterious twelfth studio album.

This past Thursday, however, Weezer finally gave it’s fans a taste of what is to come for the upcoming LP. The single, “Can’t Stop The Hustle,” takes listeners into the dark and funky groove of Rivers Cuomo’s mind.

If you want to support Weezer and their upcoming The Black Album, download or stream the new single here.

Using the YouTube link below, you can watch the “Can’t Stop The Hustle” music video featuring Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.

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“Hasta luego adios!”