Trump attempts to investigate former President and First Lady Obama

This is the poster for the first movie fromHigher Ground Productions featured on Netflix.


This is the poster for the first movie fromHigher Ground Productions featured on Netflix.

Barack and Michelle Obama have recently resurfaced in the White House. This caught social media’s attention when they informed the public on their plans after serving their two terms as President and First Lady. Their plans include book deals and Netflix partnerships, both first announced in May 2018. Both ventures will give the public an inside look as to what it was like being the first African American President and First Lady.

It was not a huge surprise when the couple announced their Netflix deal, since entertainment and politics are becoming increasingly intertwined. The Obamas created the joint production company, Higher Ground, to capture inspirational stories that will include controversial topics that the Obama family have experienced throughout the years. 

Their goal is to create  entertainment for a variety of ages, they believe their series will contain something for everyone to enjoy. Over the next couple of years, the Higher Ground production company will be releasing a number of series: American Factory, Bloom, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom, Overlooked, Listen to Your Vegetables and Eat Your Parents, Fifth Risk and Crip Camp.

With the controversial information that will be supplied to produce these series, it has raised some questions with the current President. President Trump wants to advise an investigation on the Obamas’ “ridiculous” Netflix and book deal. With the Obamas’ book deal being worth around 65 million dollars and the Netflix partnership being an ‘high-8-figure’ deal. Trump has asked the government to look into the details.

Trump’s reasoning for this investigation suggestion was to focus the attention off him for a change as he says “…for the privilege of being your President – and doing the best job that has been done in many decades.”

 He mentions the Netflix deal on Twitter where he suggests Democrats look into Obamas’ business deals and not his own, as he has been under fire for quite awhile. 

As this is not Trump’s first time complaining about the former President, the media was not surprised when he threw out the investigation. President Trump hoped to push over the negativity on his own scandals asl well as the scandals of his administration such as Justice Kavanaugh’s, to the Obamas’ new business arrangement, although deals with Netflix and book contracts are legal and free to carry out. 

However, Trump’s attempt to deflect negativity about himself onto the Obamas might have failed greatly. The widespread use of social media networking has come back to say that if the investigation was turned around onto some of the tweets and plans Trump has made, this battle would be fast ending.