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Homecoming Queen and King Photos


Marina Hawkins

2018 Homecoming Queen Kimberly Romero returned to crown 2019 Homecoming Queen Meghan White.

Marina Hawkins
Meghan White is crowned the 2019 Homecoming Queen. Meghan says that “Being crowned was shocking, overwhelming, exciting and left me in slight disbelief. Durant has helped me grow and change for the better.”
Jennifer Dages
The crowd’s energy surges as Meghan White is announced as Queen.
Marina Hawkins
Meghan White poses with her proud father after numerous congratualtions.
Jennifer Dages
Homecoming King Ahmad Fitts poses with the Queen after his crowning. Fitts says “Being crowned is about more than winning, it’s also about all the memories I have made over the past four years.”
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Jennifer Dages, Editor-in-Chief of Writing

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A review of Spirit Week 2019

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How Dress Codes affect students differently.

Rose Lynn, student at MacArthur High School in Oklahoma making a statement about her school's dress code.

Today News

Rose Lynn, student at MacArthur High School in Oklahoma making a statement about her school's dress code.

Dress code has been a long-term debate on whether it’s fair and unbiased, and students are beginning
to make their voices heard.Most school dress codes are the same, no tank tops, no shoulders, bottoms be fingertip length, and if you wear leggings, your shirt must cover your butt.

These policies are meant to ensure that there is no disruption to the learning environment, however, this does not seem to be the case for many schools nation-wide. Many students, especially females, are stepping out claiming that dress code policies are biased, sexist, and make them feel as though they are “distractions” instead of students.

This is shared by Oklahoma teen, Rose Lynn, pictured above, in 2015 as reported by Jordi Lippe-McGraw on TODAY. Lynn attends MacArthur High School in Oklahoma. One December morning she went and put on an outfit she believed to be appropriate based on the dress code. This outfit included a loose shirt, lengthy cardigan, and leggings. While at school that day she was sent home for said outfit and told that it was “deemed inappropriate and distracting” as reported by TODAY.

She did not let that stop her, she returned to the school wearing leggings and a lengthy white t-shirt that had stated in black marker ink “It doesn’t cover your crotch, you’ll distract the boys.”

This is what administration said to her before sending her home previously. She then later posted a picture of her outfit on social media along with a paragraph describing what happened and her opinion on the matter, and finished with a statement that read, “So once again, society has failed to advocate for young ladies, by confining them in a box, where they are stripped from their since of self-respect and self-expression.”

She also made claims on how her school is biased saying that is if she was “skin and bones or overweight” she would have been overlooked, but the fact that she is curvy is part of the reason she was singled out. And she isn’t the only teen to claim this.

A middle schooler in Maine has shown her determination in making her voice heard. At the time of the beginning of her movement, Molly Neuner, 11, of Portland, Maine, was sent home multiple times for the clothing she wore after
being told she would be a “distraction” towards males by at least two teachers, as reported by Danielle Waugh of NBC New York. After being told this, she claimed that “It just made [fellow students] feel uncomfortable”.

When she returned home, she discovered a hashtag that would not only inspire her, but many others. She returned to school the next day trying to make a statement. She did this by wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and wrote on her arm the hashtag “#iamnotadistraction.”

After seeing this, many students followed her lead by writing the same hashtags on their arms. After catching
the attention of multiple news outlets, schools began realizing that dress codes may be in need of reviewing.

When asked, Durant students did not hesitate to respond to the questions, “What is your opinion on school dress codes? Do you believe that they are biased or make females feel as they are a distraction?”

Senior Laura Bergman responded with the statement, “It’s stupid and teaches girls and boys to feel uncomfortable in their skin. It also teaches girls and boys what they should sexualize.”

Senior Gabbi Mora gave a similar response, “honestly, school dress code isn’t fair. Some girls show up breaking it every day and aren’t caught, but the second some innocent girl has her fingertips one inch past their shorts, it’s a problem, I don’t think it’s fair whatsoever.”

However, not all students agree with these statements. Emma Adcock, Junior, claims that “I believe if we didn’t have one then girls would be getting pregnant left and right. Dress codes protect both sexes.”

Students at Durant remain on both ends of the spectrum, and hopefully the new policies in place this school year are what we need. By updating the school dress code for the school year of 2019-2020, students can finally come to an agreement on what we need and what is to excessive, making guidelines that keep everyone happy, and no longer cause females to feel as if they are more of a distraction and less of a student.

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Photo of Faith Miller
Faith Miller, Staff Writer

Faith Miller is a senior at Durant High School and is a Staff Writer for the Durant PawPrint. This year will be her fourth season on the varsity Durant...

Durant High School Goes on Lock-down after Threat to Campus


DHS Facebook page

Durant High School's campus

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – After the recent arrest of a student at Plant City High School for bringing a loaded gun in his backpack, a 16-year-old student from Durant High School reported seeing a gun on Durant’s campus. However, during a lock-down of the school, the student called back his claim, and the information he gave turned out to be falsified. The Durant student was arrested and charged for his false report of a gun and his disruption of the school’s function.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, Durant High School experienced a school lockdown during 3rd period in response to the report. The lockdown itself lasted for roughly four hours. During the lockdown, students were kept within their third period classrooms to wait for further instruction by their teachers.

As soon as the threat was made towards Durant, the Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies took action and encompassed the school’s entire campus, on watch for any suspicion of a gun in response to the information that was later proven fabricated.

Although the situation was stressful, many students on campus found the situation to be handled efficiently.

Durant senior Eric Collins safely spent the hours of the lockdown in his classroom. He explained that the situation was handled very well by the County sheriffs.

“(The deputies) set up the metal detectors quickly and they got everyone through the process relatively easily,” Collins stated.

During the school-wide lockdown, the Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies searched the entire campus with metal detectors. They proceeded to check every student locker for the presence of a weapon; however, no weapon was found. The search was called off once it was proven that the report of a weapon on campus was false.

Durant senior Brandon Cessna also felt very safe with the security that was in place.

“We went through the metal detectors and then were guided into the gym to wait for instructions,” Cessna explained.

Not every student felt that the situation was handled well, however. Some students spent hours in their classrooms with no reprieve—even going to the bathrooms was not allowed. It was difficult for information to flow to all the classrooms during such a stressful time.

Even though the report of a weapon was concluded to be false, the systematic measures of security kept Durant safe.

Durant High School teacher Mike Stone watched over his third period class before Stone and his class were escorted to the gym. From the gym, Stone was in charge of directing students into the stands, while simultaneously being available to answer questions from students.

While the security was structured in a systematic way that was able to accommodate the school in an unfamiliar situation, there were ways in which it could have improved.

“As someone who was helping to implement the plan, I would’ve liked to have had greater communication with those who were making the calls,” Stone explained.

Many teachers agreed that there needs to be more communication in the event of a similar emergency in the future.

Despite teacher suggestions for similar situations that might arise in the future, Stone added that he felt very encouraged that what happened was handled so well at Durant.

“I found it comforting that if the situation had been worse, we would have been okay,” added Stone.

Students agreed that they felt safe on campus, despite the threat.

Even though the lockdown was caused because of a falsified student report, the event ended peacefully with no harm to students, faculty or staff.

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The “Do’s & Dont’s” for Getting Your First Job



Many high schoolers are getting or thinking about getting their first job. This process can be thrilling for some people, but nerve-racking for others. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your first job, some fantastic places to apply to. When applying for your first job students often don’t know the do’s and don’ts of the working world. Here are the PawPrint’s top ten tips for applying and working at your first job.

1. Do make a good impression when going to your interview give the interviewer a good, firm handshake, and look them in the eye when doing this.
2. Do wear something you feel confident, but work appropriate3. Do ask the people you are putting down as references if they would be your references.
4. If you don’t get the job don’t get upset, it’s just wasn’t the right job for you and move on to the next job on the list5. Do make friends with your coworkers because if you ever need them to cover your shift they are more likely to do if you are friends with them.
6. Do save ten dollars from each paycheck, and put it in an account for it gain interest and save up money for retirement.

1. Don’t drink or eat right before your interview you don’t want to have something stuck in your teeth, or you might have to use the restroom during your interview it will distract you from answering the questions to the best of your ability
2. Don’t use slang with your interviewer, and if they look young and hip to you. Still don’t use slang, for example, yo, lit, dude, and etc.
3. When you do get your first job, don’t start drama with your coworkers.
4. Don’t apply for just one job. You should to a couple of jobs, so you have more options, and maybe some backup jobs.

After interviewing working Durant students, we came down to five, fantastic, first jobs.

1. Top golf
“Top Golf is definitely a great high school job. Top Golf is fun to work, it can be very exhausting too though. I make around $11 an hour. It’s definitely a great job to start with when you are in high school,” DHS senior, Aliesa Michael, said.

2. Publix
“Publix is a good first job because it’s not hard you only need the basic skills, and the give you longer breaks than what is required for minors. My managers are nice, and they work with my schedule. Also, Publix has certain rules and has extra precautions to keep their employees safe especially the minors,” DHS Junior, Mabreigh Walker, said.

3. Twistee Treat
“Twistee Treat is a fun atmosphere and has fun customers. You do start at minimum wage if you never had a job before,” DHS senior, Emily Dorow, said.

4. Tropical Smoothie
“I love working at tropical smoothie and I make around minimum wage. A lot of kids from the local high schools work here, and it teaches responsibility. Also, its great way to get your foot in the door as the first job as a teen,” DHS junior, Angela Oprici, said.

5. Host
“You start off making $9.50 an hour, and it’s a fun job you get to build connections with the kids. It’s a nice job because it pays above minimum wage, and you don’t have to work late or on weekends,” DHS senior, Ashley Parrish, said.

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