Rising UFC fighter Kron Gracie debuts



Gracie attempts to pin opponent Caceres as their fight intensifies.

Holding a record of 4-0, weighing in at 146lbs, standing at five foot nine inches, Kron Gracie made his octagon debut on Feb.18th 2019, in a featherweight fight against Alex Caceres. Despite this being his first ever UFC fight, Gracie is far from inexperienced. Growing up he trained in jiujitsu with his family making Gracie well versed in the art, as well as participating in fights In Japan in the Real Fight Championship.

From the age of nine Gracie has been competing and upholding his family name. His father Rickson Gracie was a master grappler, and his uncle Royce Gracie was a UFC champion.

Gracie submitted Caceres in the first round, two minutes in, living up to his fan’s expectations. Caceres was submitted via rear naked choke which forced a tap out on ESPN one in Phoenix, Arizona.

The fight began with a calm looking Gracie trading strikes with Caceres in the opening minute of the round. Caceres using the strikes and long wingspan to avoid a takedown by Gracie. Gracie’s first takedown attempt was successful, finding the small opening he needed to take the back and latch on. Gracie pushes Caceres to the fence and begins to set up the takedown. Caceres attempts to control Gracie’s wrists but is unsuccessful. Gracie reaffirms his grip and takes Caceres to the ground. Caceres is working to move Gracie’s hands and control his wrists with no avail, Gracie removes Caceres’ hand and moves in for the choke. Gracie moves for a body triangle but doesn’t complete it, there’s no need. Gracie’s deep choke hold left Caceres tapping at two minutes six seconds in the opening round.

In his post-fight interview with ESPN MMA, Gracie expressed his thoughts on the pressure he felt leading up to the fight.

“Everyone expects me to do so good because of my dad, my dad never lost, so I’ve always felt that. But I’ve always been able to deal with it, of course God gave me a gift to be able to deal with it and handle those kinds of things.”

This win was the first since 1994 for the Gracie family, when Royce Gracie defeated Keith Hackney, breaking the 25 year streak without a win. Gracie expressed great admiration for his family, as well as his eagerness to get back in the ring and continue building on his UFC career.