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Mattel Launches New “Play it Forward” Line

Mattel Launches New

On April 29,2020, Mattel toy company announced in a news release its newest line of merchandise as part of its “Play it Forward” platform. The special edition line includes action figures and Little People Community Champions and will eventually spread into the company’s other brands. 

Mattel is a worldwide entertainment company that produces toys and products for children of all ages and was founded in 1945. Their brands include but are not limited to Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Hot Wheels®, and American Girl®. The company produces film, television shows, toys, games, music, and live events working in collaboration with leading technology and retail companies. 

Their newest line of toys is labeled “#ThankYouHeroes” and is “designed to immortalize and honor healthcare and everyday heroes” according to Chuck Scothon, Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price and Global Head of Infant and Preschool, Mattel. He states that it is the companies hope that these toys help make these hard times easier for both children and adults, whether it is a “gift to recognize someone working on the front lines” or just play time.

The line includes 16 different figures ranging from doctors to delivery drivers. Mattel is also releasing a special five-character Little People set that includes a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver, and grocery store workers.

The new line of toys is also a fundraiser for the “#FirstRespondersFirst” program, a program administered by The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). The #FirstRespondersFirst program is helping to a provide range of things from essential protective equipment for healthcare workers, to childcare and mental health support. Beginning April 29th through May 31st, 2020, $15 from each online purchase will be donated by Mattel to The Entertainment Industry Foundation in support of the fundraiser.

According to the news release, in addition to the launch of the #ThankYouHeroes toys, the company is also contributing to the fight against COVID-19 by donating face shields and cloth face masks for medical professionals. The company is producing 500,000 face shields for healthcare workers, a large increase from the original 100,000 commitment.

They are also making toy donations to several non-profits and Bright Horizons Child Care Centers, special childcare hubs offering free childcare for children of frontline healthcare workers. The company has also launched its Mattel Playroom, a free online resource for parents and caregivers providing activities from the company’s iconic brands.

The line of toys is available for pre-order through May 31st, 2020 at “http://MattelPlayroom.com/ThankYouHeroes” for $20, with $15 from each purchase being donated. The company expects these to ship to consumers by December 31st,2020. 


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Hailey McKean Represents Clay Shooting at Durant


Courtesy of Hailey McKean

Hailey McKean (center) is a student at Durant, heavily involved in clay shooting.

There are so many sports out there like football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and many more. With so many sports to pick from, one that gets overlooked is clay pigeon shooting, also known as clay target shooting.

Clay shooting is a of sport where participants fire at flying clay pigeon targets in the sky with a shotgun, and it all started way back in the 19th century. In the late 1800s, shooting targets started to become a very popular sport, especially over in the United Kingdom.

In fact, there was even a time where there used to be no clay at all, it would be glass balls filled with feathers, and around that same time, a man named Emile Laporte invented the machine that actually throws the targets into the air. As time has gone on, the sport has evolved into what it is today.

 This is a sport with a very wide age range, it can vary anywhere from a young teenager all the way to 65 years and older. One teenager who is involved in clay target shooting is a student at Durant High School.

Hailey McKean, a sophomore at Durant High School, started clay pigeon shooting in 2017. McKean has participated in a few competitions since then, she has even won “Highest in Female” back when she first began to compete in 2017. 

McKean has been clay target shooting for about three years now and her love for it sprouted out of her military based family. Hailey McKean believed that a great way to embrace her family’s involvement in the military would be to get involved in clay pigeon shooting, like her father. When asked about what influenced Hailey McKean to start clay pigeon shooting, she said, “The love of it from my dad.” 

There is so much involved in clay target shooting that a lot of people do not think about. According to the NRA (National Rifle Association),  some important factors that go into this sport are learning how to read the targets, learning when to slap the trigger, and much more.

A shotgun can be a very dangerous tool if not used correctly and safely, so that is something that a participant has to constantly think about when shooting clay.

Clay target shooting might not get as much glory as football or baseball, but it is just as worthy. This thrilling sport deserves just as much praise as some popular sports like basketball, baseball, and hockey because it involves just as much strategy as those sports, McKean comments on this saying, “You need to have the mindset and the accuracy and you have to train for it just like any other sport.”

Practices for this sport can include reviewing errors and correcting them, practicing one’s stance, and so much more.

  Clay pigeon shooting is very important to McKean, she expands on this saying, “I don’t do it for the competition part, I just do it so…  as a community we can all come together.”

This sport means a whole lot to McKean, when she goes out to shoot clay, she states that, “It is helping me feel like an empowered woman.”

Not only is this a way for Hailey McKean to embrace her family’s environment, but it is also helping her to grow as a person. 

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Alex Trebek Raises Awareness for Pancreatic Cancer


Fox News

Despite diagnosis, Trebek remains in high spirits. He even ha high hopes for the next Jeopardy host when the time comes.

Alex Trebek has been a beloved game show host on ‘Jeopardy!’ for over 30 years and has contributed greatly to the popularity of the game show. He not only brings his personality to the show, but he also brings his diligence.  Sadly, Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4, pancreatic cancer just last year in March of 2019, but that has not stopped him from giving his all to the show.

Trebek has expressed through the show about his pancreatic cancer and its awareness. Alex Trebek has received a tremendous response from viewers since his announcement. He has received emails, fan mail, gifts, and much more from his loving fans all sending him love, thoughts, and prayers.

During a recent episode of ‘Jeopardy!’, the players were in the Final Jeopardy round with the category of Famous Phrases; one of the players, Dhruv Gaur, wrote “What is we ‘love’ you Alex,” as his answer.

This expression of admiration and appreciation left Trebek choked up and emotional.  Not only are viewers showing their love and support for Alex Trebek, but the contestants are as well. The host of ‘Jeopardy!’ has even been saving the lives of others.

On the show, Alex Trebek teamed up with the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition to spread awareness about this awful disease. Trebek decided to use his platform to express some of the signs of this disease to look for if there is someone out there experiencing the same thing. Some of the signs are: unintentional weight loss, upper abdomen pain, lower back pain, and a few more symptoms.

The host recieved one letter in particular that expressed gratitude toward Trebek raising awareness of his cancer. After hearing Alex Trebek explain some of the signs of pancreatic cancer, this particular fan had a family member experiencing the same things and decided to see a professional about it.

The fan’s family member did end up having stage 1 pancreatic cancer, and it was determined to be treatable. Through Alex Trebek’s recognition of the disease, he ended up saving that person’s life. Even with this unfortunate illness, Trebek has decided to take this negative situation and turn it around into a positive circumstance.

Even with his unfortunate disease, Alex Trebek has not let it tear him down. Instead he displays determination and still shows up to work at 6:00 am, every morning to start his job as host of ‘Jeopardy!’. While taping the show and during commercial breaks, as a host, Trebek likes to talk to the audience and answer their questions to show a little of his personality.

Trebek statedPan that he plans to continue hosting ‘Jeopardy!’,  “as long as my skills have not diminished,” (abcnews.go.com). 

Trebek has captured viewers’ hearts with his determination, personality, and humility. “The show is the most important thing, and the contestants. The host is important, but in a third stage only,” Alex Trebek stated in an interview with Business Insider.

Trebek sells himself short, but everyone knows that the heart of ‘Jeopardy!’ is its host, Alex Trebek.

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Sherman Wins Advisor of the Year

Sherman poses with her award. She was grateful to recieve the honor.

Durant FBLA

Sherman poses with her award. She was grateful to recieve the honor.

On Wednesday January 22, the Durant high school’s Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA, club attended their yearly District Leadership Conference. This event is attended by all FBLA middle school and high school level chapters in District 9.

During the event the students participate in games, elect officers for their district, and announce who placed in the different competitive events. Twenty-four students in the club placed either first, second, or third in their events or competitions and will move on to states. 

Sherman, the club sponsor and advisor for Durant High School, was announced as “Advisor of the Year” for District 9. This information was announced during the awards portion of the event. Her first reaction when she received the award was,

“I was absolutely shocked, I had no idea I was going to be selected as the Advisor of the Year, and I think I turned bright red”.

Due to her job as a business teacher, she was already linked to the club when she began her job here at Durant, however, it was during her second year when she became an advisor to the club. Her role as advisor includes responsibilities such as making sure dues are payed on time, making sure club officers complete task in a timely manner, registering members for different events, organizing field trips, and making sure students are properly prepared for their competition or event.

Sherman came to Durant in 2017. Before working as a business teacher, she worked for the “Paralyzed Veterans of America” in California. This is a veterans’ service organization that was founded in the United States in 1946.

Looking back, Sherman describes one of her favorite FBLA memories being when she attended her first year with the team at states. On the last night of the event, the students all surprised her with meaningful gifts as a way of saying thank you to their new advisor. One particular gift that really touched Sherman was a stuffed banana, a reminder of the banana splits the team had shared the night before. Sherman believed the gift was a meaningful gesture.

Not only is the club a fun way to get involved, but Sherman also talks about how FBLA has benefitted her teaching career as well.  She explains it as a way to help connect the stuff she teaches in her classes to the outside world. She also explained in an interview how students who are serious about the club can carry on to the collegiate version of FBLA.

The title of “Advisor of the Year” has helped Sherman realize that the work she puts into the club is impacting so many more people than just her students. It helps her understand that her hard work is being recognized and appreciated on a higher level.

The students who placed in the districts will move on to the State Leadership Conference which will be taking place in Orlando in March.

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Netflix Navarro’s Cheer Essence

Cheer was uploaded to Netflix on January 8, 2020. Fans are already eager for a season two.

Madeline Hull

Cheer was uploaded to Netflix on January 8, 2020. Fans are already eager for a season two.

The show “Cheer” was added to Netflix in 2020, many cheerleaders have become fans and are hoping for a second season after the first season unlike “Cheer Squad”.  

“Cheer Squad” was released in 2016Netflix released one season of the show and it was discontinued soon after. Many fans were disappointed to see that the show was cancelled after forming attachments to the athletes throughout the seasonThe viewers consisted mostly of cheerleaders, coaches, and parents that have kids involved or wanting to be involved in the sport. They were able to relate closely with the athletes while they improve on their skills during practice and competitions. Being able to see how the team handled tough practices and how they were able to bond with their coaches and teammates to work together. 

The new series “Cheer” captures Navarro’s college cheer team during practices, school functions, and competitions. It shows how the athletes keep up with cheer and college studies but also largely capitalizes how hard each athlete trainand dedicatethemselves to being part of this incredible team. Navarro cheer holds the title of 2019 NCA national champions along with more awards from years past. NCA is their biggest competition, which is held oceanside in Daytona Beach, which the series spotlights the team preparing for as the season continues. 

The Navarro team consists of fourteen female athletes and twenty-four males that represent their school as fellow Bulldogs. Their co-ed team has become very wellknown as a big part of the community in Corsicana, Texas. Many of the athletes have helped around Corsicana to raise money for funding and good causes relevant to their community. 

Navarro’s head coach Monica Aldama has been coaching the cheerleading team for twenty-four years and has made a huge difference in the standard at Navarro. She has turned the college cheer team in a gold standard for the cheer world. Aldama has become the icon of cheer coaches throughout many other cheer gyms. She holds her athletes to a much higher standard then the rest of Navarro students. As seen in the series she has pushed her athletes to be the best and has trained them with laborious conditioning to stay in shape and can carry out such difficult routines. With thousands of people watching Navarro they have extremely high expectations to uphold. 

She not only has made a difference in the cheer world but in her athletes as well. The producers of “Cheer” have included highlights on how much she cares and helps her cheerleaders through there rough spots or pasts. Many times, on the show they have shown the cheerleaders past before they tried out for Navarro and how many of them have gone through hard past before they met Monica, who has helped them grow form what they went through. As a coach she steps up for them and creates a safe place, she makes sure her athletes grow in confidence and make better decisions with the help of the coaches and teammates. 

Viewers have created on screen bonds with many of the athletes and expect for Netflix to continue with the series. Many of the scenarios that have been included in the episodes have created a way to connect with other cheerleaders through personal experiences and sports opportunities while creating role models through the show.  

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Australia fires continue despite relief efforts


Rick Rycraft

The Austrailian fires burned violently for several days, although the conditions have improved, more work needs to be done.

After the recent rain and decrease in temperature, attention towards Australia has died down, but it is still an important issue. These fires are still burning and continue to harm the animals and the people who live there. Almost half a billion animals have died and according to the Wall Street Journal, 26 people have died in the fires and many more have had to be relocated. However, many people and organizations, are pooling their resources to try and help as much as possible.

The Australian Red Cross is one of these organizations. The organization has sent teams across the country to help with evacuation and relief. Some of these stations include New South Wales, Victoria, and many more throughout South and Western Australia providing food, water, hygiene products, pet supplies, and much more. In some areas, mainly South Australia, the are psychological first aid for those who need it.

The Red Cross has also set up a way to provide grants to families whose main place of residence has been destroyed. The donations to the organization, are being used for helping people who have been affected. The website declares that all money and funds donated to Disaster Relief and Recovery from July 2019 solely be used towards the work to help those in Australia.

Some ways to help are happening right here in the states. Owen Colley is a 6 year-old boy who uses his connection to Australia to inspire him to help.  Colley is from Hingham, Massachusetts and when he heard about the fires that were happening, it hit home for him. His father, Simon Colley, is from Australia. According to CNN, Colley and his parents worked together to come up with a way to raise money for those affected. Owen began making clay koalas to give to people who would donate to the cause. People who donate $50 or more receive a little clay koala Colley made himself.

All proceeds go towards Wildlife Rescue South Coast, a wildlife rescue in New South Wales. They began with a fundraising goal of 1,000. However, as of Thursday, January 16th, they have raised 100,000 dollars. The family is looking into more ways to donate to other organizations in the country of Australia.

Many people are also coming together to try and rescue the animals still in harms way. One group put their effort towards Kangaroo Island. According to the Los Angeles Times, the 1,700-square-mile island is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also a wildlife preserve to multiple species.

It is run by Sam Mitchell and his wife Dana. With the fires overrunning almost half of the island, they are trying to save as many animals as possible. According to BBC, Mitchell and his team have set up makeshift clinics on a area of the outside grounds with volunteers trying to save as many animals as possible.

The injured koalas are brought in daily, some too badly injured to be saved. The park is running entirely on generators because the fires have destroyed the power lines. The clinic has run out of space for all the animals they are trying to treat so they are having to create alternative housing, like laundry baskets, to hold the koalas. Mitchell and his family have also started a GoFundMe campaign to help their efforts in saving the animals that live here. “[We want] to get them back to where they want to be – and that’s back in the trees.”

Many volunteers are still trying to do the best possible for these koalas.

Even though it has began to rain, many more fires are still happening. There are multiple places online to donate to organizations trying to make a positive impact on a bad situation. The dry season isn’t over and many worry there is worse to come. For more information on how to make an impact please contact the Durant Pawprint.

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Online shopping overtakes local malls

The online shopping phenomenon is the new dircetion of holiday shopping. This could lead to a decrease in comercial malls.

The online shopping phenomenon is the new dircetion of holiday shopping. This could lead to a decrease in comercial malls.

In an era of convenience, it’s not shocking that people prefer sitting on the couch eating lunch while they order their loved ones’ Christmas gifts. This is especially ture after a long Thanksgiving Day, for many it is easier to take advantage of Black Friday deals without waiting in lines, getting ran over by rabid shoppers, or even camping out fir the hottest items of the season. Simply click a button and your gifts are on their way to your house. 

So when the news broke that online shopping overtook a major part of retail for the first time ever, unless people were living under a rock, no one was surprised. The main disadvantage of online shopping is waiting for items to be shipped. Amazon eliminated this issue when they introduced Amazon Prime, a service provided where if you pay a small yearly fee you get  quick shipping.

Malls have too many obstacles to climb for the short attention span of this new generation. There’s the ridiculous traffic to fight through, the insane walking patterns, the people and of course the infamously rude shop clerks, one of the few stereotypes in this world that holds up. Why deal with that when you can just click a button in between games of Call of Duty? There’s a reason Amazon has been so profitable, it really doesn’t give the malls a chance. 

It’s the same reason why platforms like Netflix and Hulu profit so much and take customers away from cable and the movie theaters. It’s just, you guessed it, convenience. Why deal with the ridiculously priced popcorn or cable bills when you can pay a monthly fee and watch all the movies and shows you want. You can watch as much as your heart desires, making it easier to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Even Black Friday, which ropes in shoppers from all around to get those ridiculous deals, online is beating out retail stores. What used to be a crazy day for stores like Walmart and Target have turned into massive amounts of clicks for websites like Amazon. Do not not be concerned, as retail stores like Walmart aren’t going out of business anytime soon. However, to say that online shopping can’t compete with those same stores would be a blatant lie. 

Simply put, online shopping is the future for shoppers looking for the maximum amount of convenience. No lines, no people, no hassle. Just a click and your holiday shopping is done. This is just the beginning, sites like Amazon will only grow bigger and slowly but surely beat out stores such as Target. It’s all about convenience and Amazon has it.

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Durant awards Teacher of the Year


Christian Castro

Congratulaions to beloved Randy Sawyer for winning the 2019-2020 Teof the Years.

Randy Sawyer has been a teacher for 15 years, this year marking his fifth year teaching at Durant. He teaches AP Statistics, Algebra Readiness and is also the Math Coach for Durant. Sawyer was awarded the honor of Teacher of the Year for the 2019-2020 school year.

The entire administration visited Sawyer’s Algebra Readiness class with balloons. Sawyer was in disbelief as the entire Durant administration announced his win. Sawyer described the experience, “I was shocked because I just show up and do my job.”

Sawyer adapts his teaching style to benefit the students in his classes. This is one of the qualities that his fellow teachers and the Durant administration saw in Sawyer, leading to his nomination for Teacher of the Year. Sawyer changes his teaching style and gets to know the students in his class making the lessons personal, which facilitates learning.

The students in Sawyer’s classes agree that he is a unique teacher based on the way he structures his class. Senior Robert Malloy stated, “Sawyer’s a funny teacher and allows us to explore the concepts on our own. He relates his jokes to the lesson, making the lessons more memorable.”

Sawyer believes that by using this technique, students want to perform even harder, for him as well as for themselves. He also believes this would benefit all teachers, as it would help boost student learning across the board because it will create a willingness to learn.

While Sawyer’s mentality about teaching has not changed, he sees the benefit of administration awarding a Teacher of the Year. “As a teacher, the biggest thing we get out of is a way to move out of the classroom completely and into a position Downtown”

Sawyer’s ultimate goal is to leave students with more knowledge and understanding than they previously had. To Sawyer, passing is not always the most important part of teaching. “It’s about how is this going to affect them next year, and the years after.”

Overall, Sawyer appreciates the honor of Teacher of the Year, but will maintain his dedication to helping his students succeed. His attention to detail and his dedication to teaching are two of the things that helped Sawyer win this esteemed honor.

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Durant Journalism Succeeds at FSPA


Majortity of the Pawprint staff gathers to celebrate their victories.

Durant’s Journalism Program found great success at the 2019 Fall Florida Scholastic Press Association Conference.  Over 800 students attended the conference at USF on November 1st.  Three students from Durant’s newspaper and yearbook classes won on the spot contest awards in the district and four won in the state of Florida for their articles written in various categories. Durant’s Newspaper teacher, Mrs. Kious, also won Teacher of the Year in District 4.

Mrs. Kious, who has grown the PawPrint from seven students to 15 in the span of four years, won teacher of the year throughout Hillsborough, Polk, Sumter, Citrus, Hernando, and Pinellas county.  Mrs. Stone, Durant’s yearbook teacher, nominated her co-worker for the award at FSPA because of the success the PawPrint has had under Mrs. Kious. Mrs. Stone said, “Mrs. Kious has … revitalized the newspaper program… she, like, threw herself into it.” 

She attributed the success of the PawPrint’s web presence and stronger, motivated writers originating from the newspaper program to Mrs. Kious and said she is “a good teacher and deserves recognition.”

Durant Pride Yearbook
Mrs. Kious shares words of wisdom with Web Editor Angelique Robinson, Business Manager Jordan Dabbourand Staff Writer Nick Travis as they enjoy lunch at FSPA.

Mrs. Kious will be entered for teacher of the year in the state of Florida and is very deserving of the honor.  

Many of the PawPrint’s staff writers won awards for FSPA’s Fall Digital Contests in various categories as well.  Students who won digital contests placed in the top 10% of winners in the entire state of Florida.

David Fackson, a junior who joined PawPrint this year, wrote an article about the Tampa Bay Rays’ 2019 season for the Sports Feature category.  Despite not being able to make it to the conference, his article won in Florida. “It was nice to feel, nice to see,” he said about winning at FSPA. 

He also said he had never won something like this, and the award confirmed that he was on the right track with his writing as a journalist.

Lily Belcher, a sophomore, also placed in the state for a Sports Feature on Kevin Cash, thanks to help from Mrs. Kious and Jennifer Dages, the Editor-in-Chief of Writing for the PawPrint. 

Marina Hawkins and Adamari Jaimez won in Academic Photography with their photos of a Durant’s chemistry teacher, Mr. Haley, conducting an experiment during class.  Marina is the Social Media Coordinator for the PawPrint and said, “It feels good to know I could put that on my college resume or applications.”

Adamari is a junior who is considering a career in Photo-journalism.  She said that winning at FSPA has motivated her to work harder in journalism and consider Photo-journalism as a potential job in the future.  

The PawPrint also saw success in the On-the-Spot Contests at FSPA.  Mattie Powers, who also joined PawPrint this year and hopes to eventually work in broadcast journalism, won third place in the News Anchor Challenge.  She had ten minutes to memorize the story and report it as a news anchor would. Mattie also takes TV Production at Durant and is working on her articles for the winter edition of the PawPrint.  Mattie said “Winning at FSPA meant the world to me because it really confirmed what I wanted to do as a career, which is to be a news anchor.”

Durant Pride Yearbook
The staff begins to brainstorm their ideas for their on the spot contests.

Two students from Durant’s yearbook won an architectural on-the-spot photography contest.  Javier Lopez and Merrick Wigington featured photos of architectural aspects of the USF Marshall Center.  

FSPA has provided many journalism students with validation for their dreams of becoming a journalist.  It gave potential journalists the opportunity to improve their writing, interviewing, and broadcasting skills.  It allowed staff writers to explore different types of journalism and to discover their journalistic passions.  

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The Durant wrestling team prepares for 2019-2020 season


The wrestling team gathers to celebrate their camaraderie in anticipation for the upcoming season.

As the Durant wrestling season rolls around the corner, wrestlers are beginning to prepare themselves for a successful season.

Last year, wrestler Hendon Haley placed second in districts, won regionals which then took him to placing fourth in the state tournament. It was a great accomplishment for the team and Haley being the last out of his five brothers with a history and experience in wrestling, made his family and coaches proud and brought motivation to his fellow wrestlers. He is the team captain for the Durant Wrestling team and is a role model to others.

 This year three of the events will be home matches which is a great opportunity for people to come support the team.

 There are two kinds of tournaments in wrestling; dual and individual bracket tournaments (IBT). Dual tournaments are team against team matches where the team with the most points earned wins. IBT is more of a one on one competition where each wrestler enters a competition with everyone in their weight class to determine best of the best. Preparing for tournaments can be challenging for most wrestlers as they must maintain a certain weight to be able to compete in one of the fourteen weight classes.

“Don’t eat junk food and drink lots of water. Just maintain your diet and stay active,“ said Christapher Perez [10].

 Although wrestling practice may be difficult, it motivates and brings out the best from the wrestlers. Perez was one of the first freshman to make it to regionals in thirteen years. He won an underclassmen of the year award for his outstanding performance and is looked up to by many of his team members.

 “It’s fun to do and it gives you motivation for other things too because if it’s not as hard as wrestling then it’s obviously not that hard,” said Austin Bovee [10].

Bovee joined wrestling as a freshman. Being a first-year wrestler, he did an extraordinary job and it made a huge impact on him.

 “It brings out another part of you that you never knew was there, “said Jorge Palacios [11].

 Palacios enjoys wrestling and has found an inner potential in himself that ties him to wrestling.

Most of the wrestlers are looking forward to the state tournaments and are trying their best to reach their goals.

 The coaches for this year are Coach Kauderman, Haley, and Beaty and they are helping their wrestlers reach their goals but they also have a goal as they prepare these young men for success.

 “It’s not just about wrestling, wrestling is fun and builds confidence. Some guys don’t wrestle because they are afraid of the one on one competition but those who do, get beyond that and once they begin to experience success they are locked in, “said Beaty.

The coaches try to encourage wrestling to others as it builds character, integrity and honesty. “Being able to overcome obstacles even though there are disadvantages I think is very important and what I try to teach as a coach, “said Kauderman.

 The wrestlers, coaches and families are full of anticipation for this year wrestling season and what it has to offer.

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Climate Change: It’s Warmer Than You Think



The graphic demonstrates how climate change has affected hurricanes and the potential dangers.

Over the past few decades, the issue of climate change has become a pretty heated topic that has only grown more popular as the globe’s temperature increases.

Despite any opinions one may have, here are the facts: the planet is heating up, and at a fast pace. From LiveScience.com, it has been found that “the average temperature of the Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °Cover the past 100 years.” And that’s just the start.

The effects of global warming can be seen all over the world, from the increase in severity of extreme weather events, to the bleaching of coral reefs in Australia, to the significant rise in sea levels.

Severe Hurricanes Are Becoming the Norm

Greenhouse gas emissions have significantly contributed to the increase in higher temperatures; one prime example of the effect these emissions have on the environment is the increase of severe hurricanes. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes have become the norm for millions living on the east coast of the United States and in the Caribbean.  Hurricanes grow in strength with warmer waters, and due to the increase in temperatures, the Atlantic has become susceptible to more severe hurricanes.

LiveScience states that, “The global number of intense Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has nearly doubled in number, jumping from 50 per five years during the 1970’s to 90 per five years in the last decade.”

The graphic demonstrates how climate change has affected hurricanes and the potential dangers.

Coral Bleaching in Australia

Aquatic ecosystems are also suffering from the staggering increase of climate-change temperatures. The endangerment of the ocean’s coral reefs has become a severe problem due to these higher temperatures. Majority of the heat emitted from the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, is absorbed by the world’s oceans, which ultimately causes temperatures in the water to increase. This is detrimental to coral reefs, as these are the rainforests of the ocean, and are vital to aquatic ecosystems. “Temperature spikes of only 1.8 to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (1-2 degrees Celsius) can trigger mass bleaching events,” says LiveScience.com. Warmer waters cause corals the loose their algae that covers them, leaving them vulnerable. Once the corals die, the entire ecosystem practically fails.

Rises in Sea Level

Sea levels have also dramatically increased, due to the melting of the historic ice sheets from both ends of the world. This poses various threats, including habitat loss for hundreds of different species, an imbalance of populations among species, and, of course, the steady rise in sea levels. This is bad news for states next to oceans, such as Florida. With the rise of levels comes the threat of catastrophic flooding, which is concerning considering the number of people living on the coasts of Florida and other sea-side states. According to National Geographic, “In southern Louisiana coasts are literally sinking by about three feet (a meter) a century, a process called subsidence.” In combination with rising sea levels, this creates a huge concern for those living near the water, and raises questions how people can be protected from this inevitable flooding.

This visual better demonstrates the extent to which the changes impacts the rising sea levels.

Law Implemented

Countries around the globe have been working to come up with solutions to limit the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. There has been a significant increase in climate-change related laws since the 1990s, and from CarbonBrief.org, “In 1997, the database shows, there were just 60 laws in place, with the figure having risen 20-fold to reach 1,260 today.”

While there has been an increase in the amount of climate change related laws, they don’t seem to have a significant impact in the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Why? If there has been an increase on laws and specific protocols that companies must follow, then why are climbing temperatures continuing to be a topic in today’s new?

Stay tuned for part two next week.

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Revelations about the death of Tyler Skaggs


Jeff Gross

Pitcher Tyler Skaggs of the Los Angeles Angels, tragically passed in July, yet more details are being revealed about the circumstances now.

The tragic loss of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs has affected baseball players and fans across Major League Baseball since his premature death in July.  Recently, however, new information regarding his death has surfaced.

Skaggs was found unresponsive, just three days after his last outing, in his Texas hotel on July 1st early in the day.  The LA Coroner’s toxicology report showed the Angel’s pitcher had overdosed on a lethal combination of oxycodone, fentanyl, and alcohol.  MLB teams paid tribute to the ace pitcher with #45 patches and field decorations through the All-Star Break.

Skaggs’ family hired Attorney Rustin Hardin to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.  The investigation brought shocking information to the forefront of baseball news. Eric Kay, a PR manager for the Angels, had reportedly been supplying Skaggs with oxycodone, a pain killer, for years.  Kay claimed that Skaggs had been using and abusing the drug during his pitching career despite MLB’s ban on such drugs. He further explained that Skaggs would purchase the drugs for the two of them to use and produced text messages to corroborate his story.  

Kay alleged that the Angels’ Vice President of Communication, Tim Mead, knew of Skaggs’ drug use, although Mead has denied those allegations.  Kay’s admission to supplying Skaggs with illegal narcotics will likely lead to him facing criminal charges.  

Skaggs’ team could potentially face charges as well.  Since his death occurred during a work trip, which he would not otherwise be on if not for his job as a pitcher, the Angels are implicated in his death.  

The Angels released a statement saying that “[They] maintain a strict, zero tolerance policy regarding the illicit use of drugs for both players and staff.”  They explained to reporters and those concerned with Skaggs’ death that they could not have monitored Skaggs or his relationships with employees.  

MLB does conduct random drug tests, but it is impossible to test every major league player.  They are also not able to test players for drugs unless they have reasonable cause. Since no one on the team had reason to believe Skaggs was using drugs, he was not tested.  However, in light of his death, Tony Clark, the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association said, “It is appropriate and important to reexamine all of our drug protocols relating to education, treatment and prevention.” 

Despite the emotional distress of the loss of Tyler Skaggs to his family, to the Angels, and to the sports world, perhaps his death will lead to a renewed effort to rid baseball and all professional sports of the scourge that is drug abuse.

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