Robert Stanley’s Mission

Earth, as we all know, is the only planet that contains life. For years humans and animals have evolved and changed overtime. Scientists, astronauts, and astronomers have always wondered if life exists elsewhere. Unfortunately, they had no luck in finding such place, until one day in another galaxy. The scientists found an exact replica of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In the Swirl Galaxy. the replica of the Milky Way Galaxy, lightyears away, there was a solar system similar the Milky Way’s solar system. Scientists from the Swirl Galaxy discovered the Milky Way Galaxy with their experimental robots. They created a human-like robot and named it Robert Stanley and programmed a specific mission in him. The scientists shipped their robot experiment through a teleporter that went straight to planet Earth. 

 The sky is clear and white for a second as the space shuttle comes crashing down onto the hard-rocky surface. Dust flies up from all around as the shuttle tumbles toward a huge rock. The shuttle comes to a stop and a boy crawls out from inside. He is about 15 years old with his protective suit, blonde hair and blue eyes. He quickly stands up wiping away the dust from his face and clothing. He takes a look around only to find himself in the middle of nowhere. He begins to walk down a rocky road. The boy walks for hours and hours and eventually spots a small house surrounded by only sand and a wore down swing set. He walks up to the house and knocks on the door. No one answers. He knocks again. Moments after an old man opens the door. The man is missing a leg and looks to be in his 70’s. 

“May I help you?,” he says in a raspy voice and slightly lets out a cough. A breeze of smoke lushes out from inside the house. 

“Yes. Hello my name is Robert Stanley and I need help. I don’t know where I am,” he said in a nervous but serious tone.

“If you go round back, you will see a motorcycle. You can take it and 30 miles from here you will find a village.” says the old man kindly.

“Okay thank you,” says Robert. 

The old man now coughing steps back inside and closes the door behind him. Robert quickly walks around the back and sees the motorcycle in its upright position. The keys dangle off to the side of the jet black motorcycle. He hops on and starts the engine. He has drove miles and miles, and it is becoming dark out. Robert then starts to see porch lights and trees in the far distance. He has finally arrived at his destination. Slowly, he comes to a complete stop and turns off the motorcycle. He takes a look around and suspiciously walks into the woods. 

Robert reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pin shaped like a circle. He points it towards the sky. A bright blue light starts coming out from the pin. The light is so bright that it expands around the whole planet Earth. The blue light acts like a bubble surrounding the planet. Not long after, a huge black hole in the sky opens up and sucks in the planet. Blue light everywhere. Robert is now teleporting Earth to his own galaxy. Minutes after, the blue light fades and Robert places the pin back into his pocket. 

“Congratulations Robert, you have completed your mission,” says a voice coming from inside his ear. It is Goosenberg, the scientist who programmed Robert for his mission. 

The people on planet Earth step outside their houses and look around. Earth has changed colors, and everything seemed to be very different looking. People from all around the world look confused, then turn on their tvs assuming it was some type of natural disaster that the news would explain.. 

“Earthlings, it is I, Professor Goosenberg. Don’t be startled. For years every single one of you have wondered if life exists in another dimension. You see me and my crew have been experimenting because for years we have also been looking for another source of life. We have sent out robots through a teleporter in search for living humans and then they found it. We thought it would be better if we teleported the entire planet here to our galaxy. Not only have we brought you guys here but also saved you. As you may know years from now your sun would have devoured Earth as the star becomes a red giant. While a danger, this was not the only thing we saved you from. Other galaxies have also been searching for living humans and we know they are planning to destroy all the galaxies containing life. They are fierce and will stop at nothing to be the last life in the universe. They are aliens and they have been taking out all living planets in order for them to survive, they cannot be underestimated.

Welcome to the Swirl Galaxy, we have finally captured all the planets which contain life. Robots start your missions,” Goosenberg says as the tv screens turn off.