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Sherman Wins Advisor of the Year

Sherman poses with her award. She was grateful to recieve the honor.

Durant FBLA

Sherman poses with her award. She was grateful to recieve the honor.

On Wednesday January 22, the Durant high school’s Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA, club attended their yearly District Leadership Conference. This event is attended by all FBLA middle school and high school level chapters in District 9.

During the event the students participate in games, elect officers for their district, and announce who placed in the different competitive events. Twenty-four students in the club placed either first, second, or third in their events or competitions and will move on to states. 

Sherman, the club sponsor and advisor for Durant High School, was announced as “Advisor of the Year” for District 9. This information was announced during the awards portion of the event. Her first reaction when she received the award was,

“I was absolutely shocked, I had no idea I was going to be selected as the Advisor of the Year, and I think I turned bright red”.

Due to her job as a business teacher, she was already linked to the club when she began her job here at Durant, however, it was during her second year when she became an advisor to the club. Her role as advisor includes responsibilities such as making sure dues are payed on time, making sure club officers complete task in a timely manner, registering members for different events, organizing field trips, and making sure students are properly prepared for their competition or event.

Sherman came to Durant in 2017. Before working as a business teacher, she worked for the “Paralyzed Veterans of America” in California. This is a veterans’ service organization that was founded in the United States in 1946.

Looking back, Sherman describes one of her favorite FBLA memories being when she attended her first year with the team at states. On the last night of the event, the students all surprised her with meaningful gifts as a way of saying thank you to their new advisor. One particular gift that really touched Sherman was a stuffed banana, a reminder of the banana splits the team had shared the night before. Sherman believed the gift was a meaningful gesture.

Not only is the club a fun way to get involved, but Sherman also talks about how FBLA has benefitted her teaching career as well.  She explains it as a way to help connect the stuff she teaches in her classes to the outside world. She also explained in an interview how students who are serious about the club can carry on to the collegiate version of FBLA.

The title of “Advisor of the Year” has helped Sherman realize that the work she puts into the club is impacting so many more people than just her students. It helps her understand that her hard work is being recognized and appreciated on a higher level.

The students who placed in the districts will move on to the State Leadership Conference which will be taking place in Orlando in March.

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Durant Theatre Company shines with Brainstorm


The entire theatre company poses proudly with the trophy representing their Superior for Brainstorm.

Before Thanksgiving Break, the Durant Theatre Company performed “Brainstorm: A Journey Inside the Teenage Mind” for Durant students, family, and faculty.

“Brainstorm”, a one act play, was written by Mr. Arment and his students, making the show personal and unique to Durant’s production.  Sydni Burge, a sophomore and actress for the Durant Theatre Company, said, “Every production of “Brainstorm” is different, because we play ourselves and our parents.  Everyone has a unique relationship with their parents and the show highlights that.”

The script, originally formulated by Ned Glasier, allows the school using the idea to fill in their own characters, based off the students of their drama club, and personalize it with interesting facts about their unique cast.  Mr. Arment commented on the development of the script, saying, “We had to do a lot of initial work on the background of each of the cast members. We really had to dive in through worksheets and conversations and collaboration to discover what has gone on in the lives of these kids.”

The play explained the teenage mind to the audience through comical and interactive scenes.  “Brainstorm” portrayed each student’s fears of growing up and the struggles they face as a teenager, such as those that come with homework, chores, and extracurriculars, all while trying to maintain healthy relationships with their parents. 

Jordan Maddock, a stagehand for “Brainstorm”, said, “The [on stage] survey [with the cast] shows how the teenage brain functions.” It also showed how many of the cast’s teenagers struggle with the challenges that come with being a young adult. 

Each student had the opportunity to portray one of their parents, resulting in laughs from the audience, but also showing how teenagers view their parents.  Isabelle Hoofnagle, an actress for the Durant Theatre Company, said, “[The portrayal] actually took a fair bit of preparation too. I had to watch my dad and study his mannerisms and his voice.” 

Burge said, “Our portrayals of our parents are a way to lighten up the show, but also to say things we’ve never gotten to say [about our parents] before.”

The cast then played Never Have I Ever with the audience to show them that they are just like the cast of teenagers.  Never Have I Ever also allowed the adults in the gallery to remember parts of their teenage years and reminded them of the similar struggles they faced.

The show concluded with the cast showing letters they had written to their parents on poster boards.  Mr. Arment said, “The cast was coming from a place of such honesty and bravery that it really just set the play apart from other plays that I have done.”

On December 4, the Durant Theatre company took their One-Act to the District 9 One-Act Festival at USF.  The cast performed a revised version of “Brainstorm” in order to fit the 40-minute time limit. The Durant Theatre Company received a “Superior”, the highest score achievable.  “Brainstorm” proved to be another successful production of the Durant Theatre Company.

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The Durant wrestling team prepares for 2019-2020 season


The wrestling team gathers to celebrate their camaraderie in anticipation for the upcoming season.

As the Durant wrestling season rolls around the corner, wrestlers are beginning to prepare themselves for a successful season.

Last year, wrestler Hendon Haley placed second in districts, won regionals which then took him to placing fourth in the state tournament. It was a great accomplishment for the team and Haley being the last out of his five brothers with a history and experience in wrestling, made his family and coaches proud and brought motivation to his fellow wrestlers. He is the team captain for the Durant Wrestling team and is a role model to others.

 This year three of the events will be home matches which is a great opportunity for people to come support the team.

 There are two kinds of tournaments in wrestling; dual and individual bracket tournaments (IBT). Dual tournaments are team against team matches where the team with the most points earned wins. IBT is more of a one on one competition where each wrestler enters a competition with everyone in their weight class to determine best of the best. Preparing for tournaments can be challenging for most wrestlers as they must maintain a certain weight to be able to compete in one of the fourteen weight classes.

“Don’t eat junk food and drink lots of water. Just maintain your diet and stay active,“ said Christapher Perez [10].

 Although wrestling practice may be difficult, it motivates and brings out the best from the wrestlers. Perez was one of the first freshman to make it to regionals in thirteen years. He won an underclassmen of the year award for his outstanding performance and is looked up to by many of his team members.

 “It’s fun to do and it gives you motivation for other things too because if it’s not as hard as wrestling then it’s obviously not that hard,” said Austin Bovee [10].

Bovee joined wrestling as a freshman. Being a first-year wrestler, he did an extraordinary job and it made a huge impact on him.

 “It brings out another part of you that you never knew was there, “said Jorge Palacios [11].

 Palacios enjoys wrestling and has found an inner potential in himself that ties him to wrestling.

Most of the wrestlers are looking forward to the state tournaments and are trying their best to reach their goals.

 The coaches for this year are Coach Kauderman, Haley, and Beaty and they are helping their wrestlers reach their goals but they also have a goal as they prepare these young men for success.

 “It’s not just about wrestling, wrestling is fun and builds confidence. Some guys don’t wrestle because they are afraid of the one on one competition but those who do, get beyond that and once they begin to experience success they are locked in, “said Beaty.

The coaches try to encourage wrestling to others as it builds character, integrity and honesty. “Being able to overcome obstacles even though there are disadvantages I think is very important and what I try to teach as a coach, “said Kauderman.

 The wrestlers, coaches and families are full of anticipation for this year wrestling season and what it has to offer.

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Homecoming Queen and King Photos


Marina Hawkins

2018 Homecoming Queen Kimberly Romero returned to crown 2019 Homecoming Queen Meghan White.

Marina Hawkins
Meghan White is crowned the 2019 Homecoming Queen. Meghan says that “Being crowned was shocking, overwhelming, exciting and left me in slight disbelief. Durant has helped me grow and change for the better.”
Jennifer Dages
The crowd’s energy surges as Meghan White is announced as Queen.
Marina Hawkins
Meghan White poses with her proud father after numerous congratualtions.
Jennifer Dages
Homecoming King Ahmad Fitts poses with the Queen after his crowning. Fitts says “Being crowned is about more than winning, it’s also about all the memories I have made over the past four years.”
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A review of Spirit Week 2019

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DHS Encouraged to Donate Blood


Alli Couture

Blood drive buses in the DHS parking lot.

Plant City, Fla.–Approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells, nearly 7,000 units of platelets and 10,000 units of plasma are needed in the U.S. every day. However, none of these can be artificially manufactured. This means all of these blood components come from the help of people like Janie Peticca, a Donor Recruiter from the charity, One Blood. Her job is to find willing and able candidates for blood donation.

Peticca and the One Blood organization visited Durant High School in September to encourage students, faculty and staff to donate blood.

Regardless of your blood type, donating blood can always benefit someone. Peticca explained to me the importance of donating blood saying, “That people need to understand the importance of becoming a lifelong donor because of how many people it can benefit.”

Alli Couture
A student gives blood at the recent DHS blood drive.

A single car accident victim can require 100 pints of blood, and at least one of every three people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime. These statistics further show the necessity of blood donations, without these donations many people would be harmed.

For those who are nervous to donate their blood, One Drive assures that everything is regulated and safe. On average, it only takes about 10-12 minutes to donate one pint, which is the standard amount donated. Peticca recommended staying very hydrated, and eating a good meal before and after donating, to ease any side effects.

Alli Couture
Students register to donate blood at the recent blood drive at DHS.

If you feel like donating blood is something you want to do more often, you are able to donate every 56 days or every 8 weeks. Many go the extra mile to become gallon donors by staying committed and donating a gallon of blood within about a year.

Peticca said that regardless of who you are it is important to donate blood because it is a decision that can save many lives.

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