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BTS closes out their U.S. tour with a record-breaking performance at New York’s Citi-Field

BTS closes out their U.S. tour with a record-breaking performance at New York’s Citi-Field

New York Times

BTS fans from across the country flocked to the Citi Field in New York City this past weekend to watch the wildly famous K-pop group’s final performance in the North American leg of their ‘Love Yourself’ tour.

Tickets for the show went on sale on Aug. 17 and were sold out in under 15 minutes. A groundbreaking 55,000 of BTS’ ARMY filled the famous stadium on the night of Oct. 6, making BTS the first Korean group to perform and sell out a U.S. stadium show.

Fans of the group were at the field preparing for the show all throughout this past week. According to Billboard, around 1,500 fans camped out in the Citi Field parking lot beginning as early as this previous Monday.

After the concert kicked off with the band performing their song ‘Idol’, the group spoke to the fans, expressing their gratitude for ARMY’s support and their excitement for getting to perform at Citi Field. RM, the leader of BTS, ended the brief greeting by asking fans to be mindful of each other during the concert for safety.

The band gave a revolutionary show, performing their newer songs from their ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ album as well as some of their older hits.

The ARMY expressed their enthusiasm for the band by singing along and waving their ARMY bombs, which are the official light sticks used by BTS fans at any concert or performance that BTS does.

The group spoke to the fans in English for the majority of the show, but Jimin and Suga spoke briefly in Korean at the end, sincerely thanking their fans.

The band was set to perform in London on Oct. 9, commencing the European leg of their world tour.

Noah Cyrus Comes to Florida


Celeste Mott

Noah Cyrus performing in Orlando, 2018.

Tampa Bay, Fla.–After releasing her debut EP, “Good Cry,” on Sept. 21, eighteen-year-old Noah Cyrus began touring with a first appearance in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Cyrus is touring through 20 different cities across the United States, after starting in Ft. Lauderdale.

After Ft. Lauderdale, Cyrus and Noyes held a concert at the Beacham club in Orlando, Fla. There were about 100 to 150 people present, so it was a small event. Cyrus was joined by her friend, Maty Noyes, who is the opening act for the Good Cry tour.

Celeste Mott
Noah Cyrus was joined onstage by performer Maty Noyes.

Noyes is an American singer who just released a new EP, “Love Songs by a Lolita” and two new singles, “Lava Lamps” and “Spiraling Down,” on Aug. 10, 2018.

I arrived an hour early before the event, meaning my spot from the performers was only three rows of people away. Because of the small concert size the event felt uniquely personal.

It was an exhilarating performance because I was able to connect to Cyrus’ emotional and meaningful lyrics. The performers’ were also incredibly passionate about how they were playing and the fact that they wanted to keep their audiences’ attention the entire time. The overall experience of the event was amazing, and I highly suggest checking Cyrus out on one of her upcoming tour stop destinations.

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