Dark Chocolate is the newest ‘Oreo’ flavor on the market



Ever since it’s first production in 1912, the “Oreo” has not yet ceased to bring happiness among cookie fanatics everywhere. With it’s classic ‘cookie sandwich’ format, the presumed “milk’s favorite cookie” has made itself marketable to every person with multiple flavors and styles for the preferences of every individual.

Flavors such as “Chocolate,” “Cool Mint,” and “Birthday Cake” are among the most popular types of Oreos to date, and have been readily available since their distribution. As of late December, Nabisco announced that a new “Dark Chocolate” Oreo will start distribution at the beginning of 2019.

The dark chocolate-filled Oreo is an Oreo that replaces the original creme with a new dark chocolate flavored creme that is sure to make lovers of the cookie to crave another bite. As expected, the creme features a slightly bitter taste that will spark the taste buds of every dark chocolate fan.

Those who like the original chocolate-filled Oreo and are eager to taste a slightly more bitter version of the cookie are bound to enjoy their first bite of the new flavored Oreo.

Fortunately, every fan of the dark chocolate flavor will be excited to find out that Nabisco has officially confirmed that the “Dark Chocolate” Oreo will be a permanent flavor to stay on the shelves alongside other popular favorites.

Moving forward, more Oreo surprises are expected to continuously hit stores starting in early 2019.

As featured in another recent announcement from Nabisco, a limited addition flavor of the cookie is already available on store shelves to accompany Valentine’s Day in February. Nabisco pitched the cookie as a ‘sweet and tangy’ Oreo according to their description on the package.

To give these Oreos a taste, find their availability at a local retailer or visit the Oreo company store on amazon.com.