Mega Man 11 Review: The Long-Awaited Return


Title: Mega Man 11

Platform: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Release Date: October 2, 2018

Arguably Capcom’s biggest mascot, Mega Man, has made a huge return into the gaming industry. The hit 2D action platformer officially marked it’s first installment after an eight-year hiatus. After the retro aesthetic and feel of  2010’s Mega Man 10,  Mega Man 11 launched with everything a new or old fan of the series could have hoped for. The newest installment takes many leaps in the right direction while staying true to core roots.

With the whole game in crisp HD graphics and a bright “cartoon-y” art style, the Blue Bomber looks better than ever before. The disastrous animated-style video sequences of Mega Man 8 luckily make no appearance in the new installment. Contrasting from and 10‘s 8-bit approach to appeal to fans of the first six installments, Mega Man 11’s visual direction feels fresh and new to the series. Thanks to the graphics department, the new art style of Mega Man 11 is a welcome addition to the series.

Gameplay-wise, 11 performs exactly how you would expect from any of Capcom’s past Mega Man titles. Old-school fans will feel right at home when they play through the game’s steep difficulty curve using the tight control mechanics that they’ve grown accustomed to.

The most notable addition to the experience is the “Double Gear System.” The Double Gear system allows Mega Man to switch between two different modes. The “Speed Gear” slows down time around Mega Man, allowing him to maneuver around obstacles a little bit easier. The gear becomes very useful in intimidating situations.

The “Power Gear” increases Mega Man’s weapon strength. Using the Power Gear will give players an advantage over difficult enemies and bosses that Mega Man may encounter. In order to balance these abilities with the gameplay, the Double Gear System will overheat after a player uses the abilities too much at one time. This cool-down system allows for the game to maintain it’s ever-increasing difficulty.

New and younger fans of the series are given the option to tone down the intensity of the game since the options are more suitable for beginners. Towards the start of creating a new game file, players are prompted with the option to play the game on. The difficult settings, Newcomer, Casual, Normal, and Superhero, are all the options available to different players who would either like to take the game in a light-hearted approach or players who are willing to take on a serious challenge.

Each level’s structure is patterned similarly to previous titles in the series. Once a player reaches the end of any stage of their choosing, they are prompted to battle the boss of that stage. The bosses, called “Robot Masters,” will challenge Mega Man to a fight that the player must succeed in to complete the stage. Reaching each stage’s Robot Master remains a challenge others would expect from a Mega Man game.

Upon defeating a stage’s Robot Master, Mega Man is prompted to a new weapon for use in his arsenal. Players controlling Mega Man have the free will to switch between the available weapons at any given time. Each weapon takes advantage of a special ability that is unique to the Robot Master that Mega Man obtained the weapon from. Each weapon’s ability can either be used strategically against bosses and enemies who have a specific weakness towards the ability of a certain weapon or used to find secrets such as an extra life or an Energy Tank in each stage.

Overall, Mega Man 11 is a breath of fresh air for the franchise. The beautiful HD graphics shine brightly with the presented new art style and the added mechanics give Mega Man fans a new depth of gameplay to dive smoothly into. Mega Man is back with the action-packed adventure that the fans have been longing for.

Reviewer score: 9/10

View the video below to watch  Mega Man 11‘s launch trailer.