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BTS’ impact is spreading worldwide



As the time passes, BTS’ impact on the world is steadily expanding. Their fanbase is unmatched, their loyal supporters residing all over the planet.

BTS’ songs hold powerful messages and the group addresses important topics such as mental health, societal pressures, self-expression, and loneliness in their lyrics. Their socially conscious lyrics and authentic and humble personalities are what draws most of their fans to them.

The group is very passionate about self-love, their recent album series, Love Yourself projecting a message of self-advocacy. The series ends on a hopeful note, highlighting the importance of loving yourself.

In September, BTS spoke at the United Nations for UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited launch, with RM giving a powerful speech on the significance of having your own voice and speaking for yourself instead of letting others speak for you.

“No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, gender identity: speak yourself,” said RM. “Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself.”

In November of 2017, BTS entered into a partnership with UNICEF Korea and began the Love Myself campaign. The campaign is focused toward ending violence and spreading love in the world. All funds raised during the two-year collaboration will go toward protecting adolescent victims of domestic and sexual assault and providing educational opportunities in local communities.

It has been brought up multiple times that BTS is playing a role in redefining masculinity and erasing barriers that limit what an individual can and cannot do or be based on their gender. During a Billboard interview, the interviewer brought up the fact that the songs on the Love Yourself: Her album seemed to be gender neutral.

“I was reading the lyrics are gender neutral, which I think is really powerful,” said the interviewer. “Was that a conscious decision?”

RM replied, “The lyrics were based on rare and special things in life. So, I thought, those feelings transcend genders, cultures and barriers between people.”

Western audiences have a preconceived notion of what men should look and act like. Self-care and precise attention to appearance are considered feminine by Western standards, but BTS defies all of these ideas, sporting full-face makeup and impeccable fashions.

In 2016, BTS did a photo shoot for Singles Magazine in which they dressed in skirts and fishnets in open protest of gender norms.

There is a long-standing toxic belief that men should not cry or show emotion. BTS’ emotional vulnerability and authenticity in their lyrics goes against this belief and encourages others to disregard predetermined gender roles and live their lives the way that they desire.

In Suga’s song, ‘The Last’, recorded under his solo stage name, Agust D, he opens up about his struggles with depression, OCD, and social anxiety, including lyrics such as, “On the other side of the famous idol rapper stands my weak self, it’s a bit dangerous. Depression, OCD, they keep coming back from time to time.”

This degree of honesty and openness is uncommon for Korean hip-hop artists, who typically practice censorship when it comes to personal feelings such as these.

Even out of the studio, BTS is very vocal about their views on the importance of mental health. There is a long-standing stigma in Korea around mental health that prevents many people from seeking help and BTS’ outspokenness about sensitive subjects such as this defies all notions that individuals should keep their feelings hidden.

In a Billboard interview, BTS spoke up about mental health after the suicide of Jonghyun, a member of the K-Pop group, SHINee.

“I really want to say that everyone in the world is lonely and everyone is sad,” said Suga, “and if we know that everyone is suffering and lonely, I hope we can create an environment where we can ask for help, and say things are hard when they’re hard, and say that we miss someone when we miss them.”

The new wave of musicians and innovators like BTS bring new hope to the world and have the potential to change the music industry forever.

BTS closes out their U.S. tour with a record-breaking performance at New York’s Citi-Field

BTS closes out their U.S. tour with a record-breaking performance at New York’s Citi-Field

New York Times

BTS fans from across the country flocked to the Citi Field in New York City this past weekend to watch the wildly famous K-pop group’s final performance in the North American leg of their ‘Love Yourself’ tour.

Tickets for the show went on sale on Aug. 17 and were sold out in under 15 minutes. A groundbreaking 55,000 of BTS’ ARMY filled the famous stadium on the night of Oct. 6, making BTS the first Korean group to perform and sell out a U.S. stadium show.

Fans of the group were at the field preparing for the show all throughout this past week. According to Billboard, around 1,500 fans camped out in the Citi Field parking lot beginning as early as this previous Monday.

After the concert kicked off with the band performing their song ‘Idol’, the group spoke to the fans, expressing their gratitude for ARMY’s support and their excitement for getting to perform at Citi Field. RM, the leader of BTS, ended the brief greeting by asking fans to be mindful of each other during the concert for safety.

The band gave a revolutionary show, performing their newer songs from their ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ album as well as some of their older hits.

The ARMY expressed their enthusiasm for the band by singing along and waving their ARMY bombs, which are the official light sticks used by BTS fans at any concert or performance that BTS does.

The group spoke to the fans in English for the majority of the show, but Jimin and Suga spoke briefly in Korean at the end, sincerely thanking their fans.

The band was set to perform in London on Oct. 9, commencing the European leg of their world tour.

What is K-pop?



The K-pop band, BTS.

K-pop is a music genre that is abbreviated for Korean pop.

K-pop originally started in South Korea in the 1990s, but because of one K-pop group named “Seo Taiji & Boys” they made a revolutionary moment in the history of K-pop in 1992. Their experimentation with different styles and genres of music and integration of foreign musical elements helped reshape and modernized South Korea’s contemporary scene.

Even though “Seo Taiji & Boys” made a revolutionary moment in K-pop, the music still wasn’t recognized all around the world until recently. In 2016, BTS became famous in America and started to have more international fans all because of their song “Fire.” BTS first became a band in 2013, but they were not famous back then which shows how hard they worked to become famous and well-known in different countries other than Korea.

In America, you can find about four to five people in one boy or girl music group. In K-pop you can find up to eighteen members or more in one group. To become a K-pop idol, they had to audition in a company and the company graded them based on how well they dance, sing and rap. The company will choose people if they are really good at singing or dancing or rapping.

When a company chooses someone that is capable, they become a trainee and train for about six months or more. After they train and the company thinks they are ready, the company chooses the leader based on their personality, everyone in the group roles and how many people are in one group. The youngest member is always called the “Maknae.”

Being a K-pop idol is hard because their schedule is always packed and they don’t get to rest as much as we do. Sometimes they have to practice up to fifteen hours a day to make sure their performance is always perfect. K-pop idols cannot do certain things like for example choosing their clothing for when they perform, dating, and most of the time they have to be a certain weight as well.

Even though K-pop started in the 1990’s and got fully recognized in America in 2016 because of BTS, it’s hard to start off with nothing and to work your way up to become an idol to an audience that previously was unfamiliar with this kind of music.

Some upcoming events that involve K-pop music include: EXO performing as the opening performing act for the 2018 festival in Busan, South Korea, and BTS performing on the City Field in New York City in October.

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