How Well Do You Know Sesame Street? (Trivia)

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How Well Do You Know Sesame Street? (Trivia)

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In the early moments of our lives we are exposed to many popular children's television shows and Sesame Street is no exception. How well do you think you know your favorite Sesame Street characters and the world around them? Find out now by taking this quiz.

What year did Sesame Street first air on television?

1. 1974
2. 1973
3. 1969
4. 1971

How many total Sesame Street episodes are there (as of February 2019)?

1. 1,539
2. 797
3. 524
4. 4,481

In the show, what age is Elmo?

1. 3 1/2 years
2. 1 year
3. 5 years
4. 4 years

In 1986, Big Bird (actor Caroll Spinney in-costume) was originally planned to travel to space in the Challenger space shuttle. Due to the complications of operating and transporting the Big Bird suit in a zero-gravity environment, the plan was scrapped. Unfortunately, the 7 crew members who embarked the mission lost their lives after the shuttle broke apart in 73 seconds. How tall is the Big Bird costume?

1. 9' 1'
2. 6' 11'
3. 11'4
4. 8' 2'

When was Count von Count's birthday, according to the television show?

1. July 12th, 123,456 B.C.
2. April 17th, 1873 A.D.
3. October 9th, 1,830,653 B.C.
4. February 5th, 5,890,071 B.C.

Which Sesame Street song peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 during it's time?

"Elmo's Song"
"Rubber Duckie"
"I Love Trash"

What color was Oscar the Grouch originally depicted as?

1. Yellow
2. Orange
3. Green
4. Blue

Who is the newest introduced character in the Sesame Street series?

1. Lily
2. Zoe
3. Julia
4. Zeerak

Which of these characters is NOT a character that has appeared in Sesame Street?

Before his arrival on Sesame Street, the Cookie Monster made his debut as the "Wheeler Stealer" on an unaired advertisement for Wheels, Crowns and Flutes snacks. Which of these did the character NOT appear in?

1. The Dudley Nubblies Commercial
2. "The Coffee Break Machine"
3. Ed Sullivan Show Sketch
4. Frito-Lay Muchos Commercial

All 10 questions completed!

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How Well Do You Know Sesame Street? (Trivia)

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