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New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019

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A new school year means a new schedule. Five minute passing periods still exist, but second chance breakfast has been eliminated.

Please note: Due to supervision issues, students will only be allowed on campus at 8:00 AM unless they are taking a morning dual enrollment class.

Regular Bell Schedule

Period                   Time

First Bell              8:20

1st                          8:30-9:22

2nd                       9:27-10:15

3rd                        10:20 – 11:08

4th                        11:13-12:01    Class

11:13-11:52     Lunch A

11:57-12:45     Class

12:06-12:45     Lunch B

5th                       12:51-1:39

6th                       1:44 – 2:32

7th                        2:37 – 3:25



Early Release/No HR Bell Schedule

Period                   Time

First Bell              8:20

1st                          8:30 – 9:10

2nd                        9:15 – 9:55

3rd                        10:00 – 10:40

4th                        10:45-11:25    Class

10:45-11:25     Lunch A

11:30-12:10     Class

11:30-12:10     Lunch B

5th                        12:15-12:55

6th                        1:00 – 1:40

7th                        1:45 – 2:25

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“Super Smash Bros.” Announced for the Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch



Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

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Back in March, Nintendo streamed a video showcasing new video games, downloadable content, and information regarding its upcoming software for their portable game console, “Nintendo Switch,” and their handheld console, “Nintendo 3DS.” The video, titled as a Nintendo Direct, contained many announcements including a ported version of “Luigi’s Mansion” for the 3DS, and “Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker” for the Switch and the 3DS.

Out of all the announced information, the biggest surprise came from the end of the video presentation. Many fans, including myself, were very surprised when Nintendo showcased a trailer for a brand new “Super Smash Bros.” game for the Nintendo Switch.

The video itself did not include a lot of information about the game, however. The only available information given by the trailer were the confirmed inclusion of a few playable characters. The new Super Smash Bros. will feature the “Inkling” avatar character, from the popular ink-based shooter “Splatoon,” and veteran characters “Mario” from the “Super Mario” series and “Link” from the “Legend of Zelda” series. This time around, however, Link sports his apparel from the critically acclaimed “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” released last year.

Not much is currently known about the upcoming game, which is set to release this year, other than the few details given in the trailer. With Nintendo’s E3 event taking flight in June, there are lots of questions that will soon be answered by the gaming giant.

After the announcement of the new Smash Bros. title, rumors of new characters have continued to surface the internet. While the rumors featuring the announcement of characters such as “Crash Bandicoot,” “Spyro,” and “Captain Toad” have not been confirmed, any new information for the upcoming game has yet to be officially stated by Nintendo.

In the mean-time, fans of Nintendo’s all-star brawler will have to continue to wait for new information to be released during Nintendo’s E3 press conference in June.

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An Anonymous Poem Submission

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It feels as if all eyes are on me.

It’s as if the walls are closing in around me.

My cap and gown feel tight, and I can’t breathe.

“Everything will get easier after graduation.”

Another name gets called.

“You’ll be perfectly fine.”

Another name gets called.

“Stop over thinking.”

My heart pounds as I keep stepping closer,

closer to college,

closer to my future.

My name echoes through the building.

Cheers of utter joy and pride fill my ears.

My body moves forward,





This is it, the end.

Yes, these four long years have been




and brisk,

but thank you Durant

for everything.


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The 2018 University of Florida Open House

A news article describing the activities at the University of Florida open house.

One of the paralyzed dogs using the underwater treadmill to for therapy.

One of the paralyzed dogs using the underwater treadmill to for therapy.

One of the paralyzed dogs using the underwater treadmill to for therapy.

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On April 21, 2018, the University of Florida held their annual open house and community outreach event. The open house included many interesting demonstrations and activities to teach people the world of veterinary medicine.

The event organized many different demonstrations and interactive activities. One of the very popular demonstrations was the equine treadmill. The equine treadmill is a horse running at full speed on a huge treadmill right in front of an audience. By using this treadmill, individuals can get a closer look at the movements of a horse galloping at full speed.

Another interesting presentation was the canine underwater treadmill. This display also includes a treadmill but not as large. Veterinarians use this treadmill to help paralyzed or injured dogs regain some of their strength in their legs and body. By putting the treadmill underwater, the dog can float a little so that they don’t put too much pressure on themselves.

The event also had multiple fascinating interactive activities. One of the activities was a mock surgery; this mock surgery was a fake dog that could be opened, and it contained fake organs that could bleed when cut. Learning veterinarians use this imitation dog to learn how to conduct surgeries without harming a real animal. Individuals that attended the event were able to feel and learn where all the organs were.

The open house also had a presentation discussing what an individual would need to get into and survive vet school. Alex Avelino, the Pre-Vet Advisor spoke to interested individuals about applying to UF and what the college essay was about. She also talked about the grades a vet student should have and how much stress veterinarians must face.

Throughout the whole event, stations were set up in different rooms teaching people about the different types of diseases, surgery procedures and information a veterinarian would need to know.

The overall experience at the UF open house was fascinating and very detailed. Many people that attended the event learned a lot about what it takes to become a veterinarian and some of the cool techniques they are able to use to help save and assist animals.

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The Importance of Chief Keef

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Rap has come a long way over the course of its 30 year tenure of existence.

Every decade of rap music is often identifiable by a certain style or by a handful of members that exemplified this style or influenced it to some degree.

For example, many fans of rap music define the 1990s era of rap by rappers such as Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, and Nas; groups, such as the Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and Three Six Mafia were major influencers on the sound as well.

However, with the growing prominence of the Internet in the 2010s and the improved platforms that make it easy for anyone to create rap music, it’s difficult to pinpoint certain members who have truly embodied and created a sound that defines the decade.

Nonetheless, there is one artist that I feel that has defined the 2010s and changed rap forever.

This rapper is Chief Keef.

Chief Keef, born Keith Farrelle Cozart, is a Chicago-based rapper who began making music in 2011 at the age of 16.

Keef rose to prominence in late 2012 with the release of his acclaimed album Finally Rich and was featured on rap magazine XXL’s Freshman List in April of 2013.

Following this, however, much of Keef’s music released in the past few years met negative reception from critics and audiences alike.

In this regard, however, the quality of his music doesn’t equate to a lack of influence.

Chief Keef’s rise to prominence marked a shift in hip-hop in numerous ways.

Much of the techniques surrounding Chief Keef’s music were very revolutionary at the time of its conception- very heavy-hitting, ad-lib filled sound.  Before his usage of ad-libs, few rappers were using them as a tool in rap, whereas today, every rapper uses them.

Additionally, Chief Keef began to utilize social media to increase his reputation further.

Around the time of his rise to fame, various social media outlets such as Instagram and Vine grew simultaneously; through these outlets, people quickly passed around the daily exploits and lyrics he became known for.

Chief Keef also made use of his crew of ghostwriters to craft catchy hooks and one-liners to drum up recognition.

Chief Keef’s rise to fame marked a beginning in the mainstream growth of trap music and a shift towards making rap music mainstream in the music industry today.

Infinity War: A Superhero Epic Ten Years in the Making

The PawPrint film critic checks out Infinity War.

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I’ve always considered myself to be a fan of Marvel and their cinematic universe.

From the age of eight, I’ve always had fond memories of the shared universe that grew to amazing proportions as I matured.

I still remember seeing the first Iron Man film in 2008, and to this day, it still remains one of my favorite superhero movies.

Flash forward to ten years later, and here we are, finally reaching the magnum opus of Marvel Studios in Infinity War, a superhero epic based on the storytelling and buildup of eighteen previous films made within the span of over ten years of work.

I find it difficult to judge Infinity War as a film in itself; it is much easier to describe and analyze as an event of sorts.

Much like the championship in a sport, the grand finale is the coalition of every game and participant of a season leading up to it.

Every film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has individually built up to this finale to some degree while acting as its own standalone film that can be held upon its own merits.

Just as there is no Super Bowl without its two teams, there is no Infinity War without these eighteen other films.

The ten year spread of these films doesn’t even begin to encompass the true ambition of such a film.

Infinity War is a film without any true character development for all but one character.  However, it is entirely unnecessary, as the development has come in the form of these other films on certain characters.

There is no necessary introduction to any of the characters within the film; the audience already has full awareness of each character and who they are given the events of the prior films.

In addition to the lack of necessity for development, the film also lacks a true structure that a typical film might follow.

The introductory phase of the film that usually comes in the beginning is dropped entirely; instead, the audience is cast directly into the events without any ease or unnecessary pieces of information given.

In any other film, these two essential filmmaking pieces would break the film.  In Infinity War, however, the absence is welcome and ultimately helps the film.

What was most intriguing to me, before seeing the film, was just how all the heroes within the universe would share the screen in an almost 3 hour debacle against an overwhelming threat to the universe.

Surely, I thought, there would be no true way to balance all of its main characters, and it would ultimately collapse on itself in the sheer weight of its subject.

I had never considered the idea of the roles of a typical superhero film to be reversed and defy my expectations to such a degree.

Infinity War’s method of making the villain of the film, an incredible visionary for a new universe by the name of Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) shifted the primary focus away from the large quantity of heroes was a simple, yet intuitive way of balancing the film and making a film that would subvert a wider sense of expectation to the story itself.

This is not the only aspect the film impressed me, however.

I found that many of my critiques surrounding other superhero movies were improved upon or removed entirely from Infinity War.

I found the writing to be much more tightly crafted and tuned to a fair mix of severity, comedy, and emotional moments, compared to that of prior superhero films.

In terms of sound and composition, both were improved tenfold from the previous Marvel films that often boasted sound effect galore and forgetful scores from the most seasoned of composers.

The coalition of each superhero presented in each of the prior films within the universe was objectively balanced, with each character receiving an ample amount of screen time for each to make a true impact.

This is a superhero film fans have waited their entire lives to see and will resonate within popular culture for years to come; Marvel Studios has found critical, general, and financial acclaim in their series of films that many can only dream of.

With its second part to release in May 2019, Infinity War’s success is not even close to reaching its peak.

With the film now boasting a staggering $640 million after its first weekend at the box office, Infinity War has potential to become the biggest film to ever be released in the history of cinema, and his rightfully earned its spot as one of the greatest superhero films to ever be made.

Cobra Kai: Yet Another Blunder from the Karate Kid’s Legacy

Our film critic takes a hard look at Cobra Kai.

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It’s always a shame when beloved properties are shamelessly milked just to make a quick buck in the world of television and film.

It’s even worse when the franchise portrays such promise for a future, only for it to be squandered.

The Karate Kid franchise has been victim of both of these things for over 30 years now.

The 1984 critically acclaimed underdog story follows New Jersey native Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) moving to Reseda, California, undergoing a series of bullying from his peers, primarily from a boy named Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), who was studying karate in a dojo by the name of Cobra Kai led by a cutthroat sensei (Martin Kove).

After being antagonized by Lawrence, Larusso enlists in the help of his savior from a beating, a janitor by the name of Mr. Myagi (Pat Mora) who teaches him karate to participate in a tournament to get back at his tormentors.

In typical 1980s fashion and cheesiness, Larusso becomes adept in karate, defies the odds and beats Lawrence in the regional karate championship and to earn the respect of his bully.

The Karate Kid is heralded today as one of the quintessential films of the 1980s and arguably one of the greatest martial arts films of all time.

This, however, is where the series begins to falter.

In 1986, The Karate Kid Part II was released and was met with mixed reception. The sequel followed Larusso and Mr. Myagi in a journey to his homeland of Okinawa, Japan, to see his dying father.

Although the premise and location were inherently different, Larusso, just like the first film, encounters another bully, must train and improve in karate, and fight said bully in a high-stakes match.

In 1989, the infamous Karate Kid Part III was released and was critically panned for following the same plot of the first film and for once again recycling elements. The final film in the Karate Kid trilogy was nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards, which are given to the worst films of the year.

1989 also saw the release of the animated Karate Kid television series, which had little viewership over the course of a 13-episode season.

The franchise attempted a revival in the 1994 release of The Next Karate Kid, starring Hilary Swank in her debut role. The film was critically panned and was frequently called worse than the third part. The property remained untouched until 2010 when a remake of the first Karate Kid film was released. Starring Jaden Smith as Dre Parker and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, the film was met with mixed reviews.

Flash forward to 2018, and the property is being milked yet again in the YouTube Red original series entitled Cobra Kai.

The biggest question I have is this: who asked for this?

From what I’ve seen, this is the sixth time the dead horse is being beaten.

This time appeared to be different, however.

As cheap as the trailer looked, upon its release on YouTube on May 1st, Cobra Kai was met to generally positive reviews from fans and critics alike, to which I was dumbfounded.

Could it be?  Could the franchise finally make a run at something above mediocrity?

The answer, upon my own viewing of the show, was a resounding no.

I simply cannot understand the positive reviews Cobra Kai is earning.

It is trivial to me that both critics and fans see this film as a recapturing of the era of which the films originally took place and to be a good product overall; it fails as both of those things.

Let’s start with my biggest problem: the characters.

Cobra Kai essentially follows the story from the perspective of Johnny Lawrence this time, approximately 34 years after fighting Daniel Larusso in the tournament.

It seems that after this fight, Johnny has absolutely let himself go, reduced to finding odd jobs to stay afloat in life.  In a time when things seem to be at their worst, Johnny becomes inspired to revitalize his karate career after a run-in with some bullies attempting to harm another kid and reconnecting with Larusso, whom has found success in life.

My major problem with this comes with all the characters of the show: none of them are interesting or likeable in themselves.

Johnny Lawrence is, to put it bluntly, a terrible person.  He’s a drunk, estranged, racist, degenerate at this point in life, disrespecting those around him and carrying an aura of selfishness and unpleasantries.

There are no good moral qualities in Johnny Lawrence’s character that make him interesting, nor is there anything remotely likeable about him.

Logically, the only way his character can maintain any sort of care or attention is because he’s the main character of the show; if that’s all you can muster from your audience regarding your most prominent character, something is gravely wrong.

Then there’s Daniel Larusso.

It seems that following this fight, Larusso has found admeasure success, namely in the sale of cars.  Larusso owns his own dealership and auto repair shop.

Larusso, just like Lawrence, isn’t an interesting character either.

Larusso is shown as Lawrence’s foil in the show; both are opposites in almost every way.

Where Lawrence is down on his luck, Larusso is wildly successful and famous.

Where Lawrence acts reclusive and distant, Larusso is very open and friendly.

Where Lawrence is unlikeable and lacks good qualities, Larusso is seemingly perfect and should be loved.

This is where both of them merge: both are equally static and uninteresting characters that lack any sort of complexity.

There are a variety of other major problems I have with the show as well.

As a fan of the original film, I was extremely bothered by the presentation of the tournament in Cobra Kai in context to the show.

In the film, after Larusso successfully defeats Lawrence, Larusso is shown being lifted up and praised for victory.

During this, Lawrence himself presents the trophy to Larusso and congratulates him on his victory, to which Larusso thanks him.

This was always one of my favorite moments of the series; it reveals how Larusso had finally come to earn the respect of Lawrence and his peers and found success. It was a fantastic, subtle moment that is essential to the ending of the film.

I suppose the creators of Cobra Kai didn’t particularly appreciate this moment just as others did.

Whenever the tournament is presented in a flashback sequence, all that is shown is Johnny Lawrence being knocked unconscious (which did not happen in the original) and never congratulating Larusso.

This small piece of the ending could completely erase the pointless hatred Lawrence seems to have for Larusso that acts as an overtone throughout the first episode.

Many of my other complaints come in the form of the plot making little to no sense.

In one scene, for example, in which Lawrence’s car is hit and suffers severe damage, upon being analyzed by Larusso, he says that the damages will cost more than the car is valued, to which Lawrence becomes dejected, as he says he does not have the money to fix it.

Yet, in a scene about three minutes later, Lawrence suddenly decides to get his life together and open his own dojo to revitalize his career in martial arts.

How can someone who cannot afford damages to a car suddenly afford to purchase space in a strip mall in the heart of Reseda, California seemingly on a whim?

Additionally, from a boarder perspective, in what way did a karate tournament cause his life to continually spiral in such a way for 34 years?  Also, how does he decide that he will now just turn his life completely around like that?

Folks who talk about Cobra Kai being a return to the world they loved as a kid are entirely deluded and blinded by the nostalgia of the film.

Much of this continuation of the story revolves around nostalgia primarily to fuel any sort of hype for such a series; I would be willing to bet that close to no one would touch this series if it wasn’t for the series name being attached to it.

It’s interesting to me that this show is one that YouTube uses as its model for why it’s new streaming service, YouTube Red, is superior to that of other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

To me, this almost makes me apprehensive to ever give the service a chance or to even put it in the same conversation as Netflix and various other streaming platforms.

Hopefully, critics will find a way to look past the overbearing nostalgia of the Karate Kid world and realize that this series will ultimately flop and become another footnote in the sad history of The Karate Kid.

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Shortcake Season

Aliesa Micheal enjoying a strawberry shortcake from Brandon Berry Market.

Aliesa Micheal enjoying a strawberry shortcake from Brandon Berry Market.

Aliesa Micheal enjoying a strawberry shortcake from Brandon Berry Market.

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People come all over to Plant City, during strawberry season, to try strawberry shortcakes. They can try it at the strawberry festival, a local restaurant, or at some vendors on the side of the road. There are so many places to choose from St. Clement ’s booth, Amish Baking Company, and the Brandon Berry Market.

At the Strawberry Festival, the St. Clement’s booth is a make your strawberry shortcakes which have been around for 45 years.  They start with a question “Biscuit or cake, and then you pile on your toppings. What makes St. Clement’s shortcake different from the other shortcakes is the single strawberry on the top. Something that was nice about their booth is that you don’t have wait too long to make your strawberry shortcake. To a lot of people, this booth is tradition and look forward all year to this shortcake.

“Going to the St. Clement’s booth is a tradition I look forward to doing all year”`, Celeste Mott said

Another vendor at the strawberry festival was the Amish Baking Company with their Sweetheart shortcake. This shortcake was ten dollars and is served on top of the homemade donut. The donut was made right in front of you and was pleasant to watch while you waited for your food. The dream was made up of a massive glazed donut, freshly cut strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and was topped off with chocolate syrup. The “sweetheart” is the perfect fixture for someone who has a sweet tooth.

The Homemade Sweetheart Shortcake from the Amish Baking Company.

At first, I thought it was going to be overly sweet, but it wasn’t. I would  rate a 100/10, and I recommend it to others”, Emily Smithwick said.

The Brandon Berry Market located off highway 60, a local farmers market, and is also a favorite place to get strawberries in Plant City. They sell shirts, flats of strawberries, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry milkshakes and so much more! There are two ways you can order the strawberry shortcake you can order it with or without ice cream. The strawberry shortcake with ice is a perfect treat to cool us down for when the Florida sun is beaming down on us.


“Adding the ice cream was an excellent idea for when it’s scorching outside.” Aliesa Michael said.

After trying all these strawberry shortcakes have something unique about them, and that individual thing is what makes them taste good. St. Clement’s shortcake is the traditional shortcake, and for people who like things simple would enjoy this.  The Amish Baking Company changes things up by adding a donut into the mix the Sweet Heart Shortcake is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. Finally, the Brandon Berry Market’s Shortcake with ice cream is the ideal treat for a hot plant city day.


Carnival Food

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I’m not much of a stickler when it comes to food. I can hold down mostly anything without any trouble. In fact, one of the reasons I actually attend events such as the Strawberry Festival is for the food itself.

As bad as some foods are, I feel as if an overload of carbs and fat is part of the experience of events such as the Strawberry Festival.

Would I really eat deep fried butter, of all things, for a snack after school? Never.

But would I at a fair? Most likely, I would’ve said yes

. And that’s what’s so interesting about the culture of events like the Strawberry Festival. We choose to indulge in the worst foods one could imagine: deep fried cheesecake, deep fried butter, even deep fried bacon, as if that is some kind of excuse. People will choose to cut carbs or fat almost completely out of their diets, but then choose to stuff their face with funnel cake. This concept never even crossed my mind until I spent my day at the Strawberry Festival.

After ingesting a combination of dust, cigarette smoke, and smoked turkey, I told myself it was that time to treat myself. I sought out a deep fried vendor, sealing my stomach’s fate. A short, older man took my order and went to work on my Oreos. Normally I would feel a form of excitement, but this time was different.

As I watched the Oreos float around in a vat of grease, I couldn’t help but think how bad of an idea this would be. I couldn’t unsee those Oreos floating around in my poor stomach.

The vendor asked me if I would like chocolate on it. I reluctantly agreed. After a few minutes, I had them in my hand. I somewhat remember eating a few, but what I remember very vividly is the way my stomach felt on the way home. My stomach sounded like a blue whale for hours on end. I felt a stabbing pain for quite a while whilst laying in my bed, waiting for it to stop.

That’s when I realized that maybe that was more than enough carnival food. The thing is, though, I’ll probably tell myself, “Eh, what the heck,” and eat them again the next chance I get.

That’s just how it is when it comes to temptations of carnival food.

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Underpaid Oklahoma Teachers are Protesting for a Change

A news story regarding the recent teacher walkouts in Oklahoma.

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Recently, teachers in Oklahoma have walked out of schools to protest for higher teacher and support staff raises, and increased funding for education. Oklahoma teachers are marching and rallying at their state capitol to exemplify how important the matter is to them. Oklahoma is amid the bottom three states in teachers’ salaries.

These teachers are fighting and protesting for their students and are explaining how these kids will be the future leaders of America. Oklahoma educators are exclaiming how unfair it is they are being underpaid even though their job is shaping the future of America.

This is about students, our kids, and the very future of our state. That is why we are here,” said Dionne Liebel, an English teacher at Deer Creek High School in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Teachers all over the U.S. are showing their support for the teachers in Oklahoma and agree that those teachers in Oklahoma are underpaid and deserve a raise. Teachers in Oklahoma have not had a raise in over 10 years.

“We’re sending a message. If we continue to stay united, they [lawmakers] cannot turn away from us, they cannot turn their backs on us,” said Lesley Buckner, a language arts teacher in Oklahoma.

The Problem of Over-Development

An opinion article about how overdeveloping in the U.S. is a problem.

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Over the years an increasing amount of land is being used for development because of population expansion; however, when the amount of people in one area has stopped increasing why don’t developers stop building homes?

Developers all over the U.S. are constantly building homes and chain businesses. Because of this overdeveloping, too many people are moving into already crowded areas and wildlife is being disturbed.

In many new neighborhoods, developers cut every single tree down trying to use up all the space they have. Not only do trees help use breathe by giving off oxygen, they are useful because they give shade, especially in Florida. For example, if an individual has many trees covering their home they will have a much cooler environment. In addition, their electricity wouldn’t be as costly because they wouldn’t have to use the air conditioner as often.

Most of the houses being built look identical and have nothing unique about them. Almost every newly developed neighborhood is “slapped” together within a few weeks and then sold off as fast as possible. The care that goes into building homes is minimal and they deteriorate faster than an older home.

Also, these homes are placed right next to one another, which does not allow for privacy. Because of how close these homes are, and of how the developers want to squish as many homes in one neighborhood as possible, there is barely a front and backyard for someone to enjoy.

Wildlife is impacted in a huge way because of over-development. When developers go in to tear down trees and rip out anything alive, animals are left with no habitat and nowhere to go. New developments make it impossible for animals to live anywhere and it’s unfair that they are forced out of their homes.

Overdeveloping causes a multitude of issues not only for us but for animals. At the rate developers are going, there is not going to be any land left for them to build on or for animals to live on.

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Strawberry Festival 2018 Offers Fun For The Whole Family

Mr. Berry entertains children at the festival.

Mr. Berry entertains children at the festival.

Florida Strawberry Festival

Florida Strawberry Festival

Mr. Berry entertains children at the festival.

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Plant City, Fla.–The Florida Strawberry Festival has been a staple of Plant City ever since it started back in 1930. The 11 day event has received many large crowds from people all over the state. This year’s festival featured many popular forms of entertainment ranging from it’s ride’s and family attractions to it’s live performances and popular strawberry shortcake.

While many arrangements had been changed to the festival’s original musical lineup, the festival still included various performances by top headliners such as “Gary Allan,” “Justin Moore with Dylan Scott,” “Earth, Wind & Fire,” “Casting Crowns,” and “REBA McENTIRE.” The acts were big for the crowd, and gained a lot of attention from those at the festival.

Guests who wanted to take a more interactive experience took an approach towards the festival’s rides. Over 40 rides were featured at the event including “Tornado,” “Cyclone Coaster,” “Ring of Fire,” and “Moonraker.” On March 1st, guests were able to purchase a wristband, available at the Midway, that granted those who purchased it with the ability to ride most of the rides at the festival. In addition to the ability to ride most of the rides, the wristband also allowed guests to receive one free Polar Pop from any Circle K location.

During the event, many guests were able to experience many other interactive attractions suitable for the entire family. Other activities were held in “The Neighborhood Village,” where guests had the opportunity to take part in contests for a multitude of categories. Some of the contest categories included cake decorating, baking, home decorative items, and jewelry. The festival was a great place for people to show off their skills.

As stated before, the festival’s traditional strawberry shortcake returned to the spotlight for those who wanted to indulge themselves in the popular delicacy. Strawberry shortcake was sold in many areas throughout the festival’s grounds, inviting many other treats for guests to eat.

The “Make Your Own” strawberry shortcake, for example, allowed guests to choose how they wanted their dessert to be made. Other choices were served featuring Plant City’s strawberries as the primary feature. Ranging from the foods such as the original Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake to the off-beat Strawberry Lasagna, there is a food for everyone.

With many different enjoyable options for guests, the 2018 Florida Strawberry Festival drew another success. The festival was truly a place where the community could connect and strawberry lovers could spend time with those they enjoy being around.

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    “Super Smash Bros.” Announced for the Nintendo Switch

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019

    A & E


  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019


    The 2018 University of Florida Open House

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019

    A & E

    The Importance of Chief Keef

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019

    Film Critic

    Infinity War: A Superhero Epic Ten Years in the Making

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019

    Film Critic

    Cobra Kai: Yet Another Blunder from the Karate Kid’s Legacy

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019


    Shortcake Season

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019


    Carnival Food

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019


    Underpaid Oklahoma Teachers are Protesting for a Change

  • New Bell Schedule for 2018-2019


    The Problem of Over-Development

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