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New Administration Brought New Rules for 2019-20 School Year

New Administration Brought New Rules for 2019-20 School Year

After Pamela Bowden announced her retirement at the end of last school year, Durant welcomed a new administrative team this year.

Former Durant Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Gary Graham, was hired as the next principal of the high school. Changing principals is always a tough transition for a school, but it makes it easier when students are on board. When Durant senior, Dalton Marsh, was asked how he felt about the change, Marsh said, “I like it–Mr. Graham’s a cool guy.”

Graham was joined this year by some additional new administrative faces, including: Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Mark Watson; Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, Stacie Cleary; and, Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, Dornette Lewis.

Durant junior, Scott Shimkus, summed up Cleary perfectly, saying, “She brings a lot of energy to campus.” Senior Coleton Brogden likes that Cleary is “a nice a lady but strict when she needs to be.” Junior Austin Sewell enjoys how Cleary seems to be very “pro-student” and is open to chatting with anyone on campus about whatever is on their mind.

Watson is also hitting it off right with the students. Senior Luke Cadwallader said Watson is, “really nice and funny.” Students also like his vibes. Shimkus feels, “He gives off the vibe that he’s prepared for anything a high school could throw at him and that’s always something good.” Sewell likes him because of his care for student success. “Mr. Watson is always looking for ways to make a student more successful, which is always a good thing.”

New administrations usually bring new rules to campus and this one was no exception. While it’s not necessarily a new rule, this year’s administration has enforced dress code stricter than has been done in the past. Sewell sides with administration on this one as he believes dress code is necessary to “ensure that all students are being appropriate in a public and professional environment.”

The new rule most talked about is the parking lot gate being closed more frequently. For increased security administration decided to close the gate after 8:30 a.m. and only open it between periods. The response has been almost unanimous: It’s an inconvenience, but necessary. “The gates are a pain,” Sewell said, “but these measures are necessary because of the society we live in today.” Marsh agreed: “Administration might need to get a better system for opening [the gate], but it’s a good idea to keep us safe.”

Another new security measure that has stirred the student body is the frequent locking of the bathrooms. “Obviously there’s a problem with behavior in the bathrooms so they have to close them,” Shimkus said. “It just stinks for the rest of us.” While holding the whole school accountable for a select few is unfortunate, Marsh appreciates the rule. “I’m tired of walking into smokey bathrooms. I’m glad administration is tackling this issue,” he said.

While some rules may be an inconvenience to students, Durant administrators shared they feel these rules are necessary to keep students, staff and faculty safe.



Murder Hornets Invade the U.S.

Despite their nickname, the

Courtesy of ABC News

Despite their nickname, the "Murder Hornets," pose no threat to humans, but the hornets do pose a threat to honeybees.

Recently, news has come out that a certain insect has entered the country, more specifically Washington State; it is called an Asian giant hornet, but is being titled the “Murder Hornet,” in the United States. 

Here in America, the media has decided to give this insect the name “Murder Hornet,” while in Japan they call the Japanese giant hornet the great sparrow bird due to the size of the insect. The Asian Giant Hornet is the world’s largest hornet with a body around 1.8 inches long and a wingspan of about 3 inches.

An Asian giant hornet is a danger to honeybees because they do not have a defense mechanism for this predator. Coyote Peterson is known for his YouTube channel: Brave Wilderness, where he goes out to learn and explore the wildlife around him.

When talking about the threat that the Asian giant hornet brings to the honeybees, Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson explains, “What the hornets will do is come in and decimate an entire colony by stinging and decapitating all the worker bees, they work their way in, eventually kill the queen, and then they eat all of the larva.”

One of Peterson’s more popular segments seen on his YouTube channel is seeing Peterson go out to find creatures with defense mechanisms such as stingers and venoms, and he tests the insects bite or sting on himself. Peterson posted a video of him being stung by the Asian giant hornet on November 23, 2018 titled, “STUNG by a GIANT HORNET,” and it currently has over 25 million views on YouTube. In the video, Coyote Peterson states, “ I am completely honest when I say that the Japanese giant hornet is an overall more intimidating and ultimately more painful sting than the bullet ant.”

To compare the two separate insects on that scale is really saying something because the bullet ant has been said to be one of the most painful stings in the world. Peterson later said in a separate video, “ [It is the] second most painful insect sting in the world.”

With all of this build up about the “Murder Hornet” creating so much buzz in the media, Coyote Peterson decided to ease the tension and worry surrounding the Asian giant hornet. Peterson recently posted a video called, “MURDER HORNET MADNESS! – 10 Things You NEED to know!,” on May 5, 2020; and the video was filled with facts and knowledge to calm down the fear of this daunting insect.

In this video that has over 6 million views, Peterson answered many questions roaming around on the Internet, and provided facts to clear up the misconceptions of the so called “Murder Hornet.” One thing that Peterson cleared up was, who needs to be afraid? Peterson stated, “Honestly, nobody. Nobody that’s human, that is. Now beekeepers definitely need to be aware because it’s the bees that do need to fear the hornets.”

Coyote Peterson gives out a lot of information about the “Murder Hornet” that has cleared up the air about the insect. To see this video, check out the Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube.

Only one of these hornets has been accounted for in Washington so this means that there is not a swarm of them in the United States. Of course people should be aware of the hornet and what it can do, but the public should not be extremely afraid of it. 

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Extreme Weather Hits the Midwest

The Midwest has been experiencing a variety of extreme waether patterns over the past month.

Courtesy of Associated Press

The Midwest has been experiencing a variety of extreme waether patterns over the past month.

 A major outbreak of severe weather came across the southern Plains with portions of Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma since last week on April 22 and 23 and has continued throughout the week.

Massive hail, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms with winds up to 80 mph strike the nation’s midsection with dangerous weather stretching from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast. 

The cause for the severe weather came from a battle of air masses that plagued the Plains. 

According to AccuWeather, there have been 492 tornadoes that have been reported across the nation. So far this year, 2020 has been the nation’s top years for tornadoes far above the average of 307 and has resulted in the most tornado-related deaths in the U.S since 2011. 

The first tornado was reported near Springer, Oklahoma and was tracked directly through Madill crossing Highway 377. According to the Storm Prediction Center, there have only been four tornadoes reported in Oklahoma all year. 

A large tornado was also reported in Polk, County, Texas about 80 miles north from Houston. The reports said that there were multiple people trapped and injured after the tornado hit 30 to 40 mobile homes in the area.

 Multiple buildings were damaged and huge trees were knocked down blocking roads. It was confirmed by the Polk County Emergency Management, that there were 20-30 people injured and about three deaths. 

Tornado threats are greatest across eastern Oklahoma and far western Arkansas. Over 14 million people are in the area under a huge risk for hazardous weather. 

According to the forecast’s models, strong tornadoes are likely over parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. A strong tornado is classified with wind speeds of 111 to 165 mph Whereas violent tornadoes can pick up to speeds of 166 to 200 mph sometimes even more.

Dallas-Fort Worth is at greatest risk since there have been severe weather outbreaks and deadly tornadoes that have struck parts of that same region.

Additionally, flooding has also been a threat with storms dumping one to two inches or more of rainfall an hour for multiple hours. With the number of storms moving through parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama there are high chances for flooding.

A cold front has brought an unexpected chill for the rest of the nation and these below-average temperatures stretch from Ohio River Valley, Mid-Atlantic. And Northeast. 

Meanwhile sizzling temperatures are in effect in the desert Southwest and the interiors of Southern California. Phoenix has reached over 100 degrees, the first of 2020, and there has been excessive heat warnings in the area.

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Impact of Environmental Changes Imminent in Florida


Courtesy if Miami Waterfronts

Waterfront properties like Miami proterties are the most at risk due to environmental changes.

New studies show that Florida is going to be affected by global warming in many different ways by the end of this decade. Due to rising sea levels as a result of global warming, Florida could have almost 64,000 homes at risk due to by 2030, but Miami’s beaches are at the highest risk

Approximately one third of West Palm Beach residents could lose their homes by 2030.. This upcoming crash in the real estate market could lead to a loss of 1.1 trillion of economic value and would result in a loss of 16.9 million in annual property tax revenue, due to all this loss thus could potentially throw up stock points or lower them due to the economy going into a pandemic. 

The study not only shows which communities stand to lose the most value but also which zipcodes are the most at-risk from global warming.  Miami Beach is the most at risk, with 1,584 houses and $610 million of property value potentially being wiped out due to rising sea levels. The impact of the rising sea levels will not just target home value loss and damage but flood insurance and the mortgage industry as prices could go up affecting everyone as a whole.

Besides damaging homes, rising sea levels could also lead to an outbreak of diseases that can be carried by many different organisms. An example would be mosquitoes’ population could expand due to warming temperatures which also gives the mosquitos the potential to expand their habitat. 

Global warming not only raises sea levels, but can cause temperatures to rise and cause the appearance of more storms and hurricanes. Thus rising temperatures can cause the loss of plant and animal species. As sea temperatures are rising this could damage up to 6,000 coral reefs off the coast of the Florida keys and heavy storms could damage natural habitats and nesting areas for many animals. As we expect higher temperatures more heat waves will start to happen we will also expect longer-lasting heatwaves in Florida and across the country, these heat waves could affect the wellbeing of individuals due to fact the heat can cause many health problems such as a heat stroke,heat exhaustion,etc. 

There are solutions to global warming,  to give ourselves the best chance of protecting future generations from the worst consequences of global warming, scientists have said the U.S. and other developed countries need to cut our carbon emissions so that by 2020 we’re emitting 25-40 percent less carbon into the air than we were in 1990. It’s a steep goal but Florida and other states are heading in the right direction as we are cutting on our emission gases, we are starting to use more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. All this will add up to help slow the process of global warming.

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The World Ponders the State of North Korea’s Leader


Courtesy of BBC

The latest reports on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un support that he is indeed alive after recently opening a fetilizer plant.

On Sunday, Apr. 26, 2020, TMZ news reported North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-Un was dead after his heart surgeon accidentally messed up his heart surgery. This led to many reports out on social media saying he was dead. 

It is still uncertain if he is dead or not. Although the New York Post reported that South Korean officials know where Kim Jong Un is located. Unification Minister, Kim Yeon-chul reported that the government is aware of Kim Jong Un’s location. President Trump was also aware of Kim Jong-Un’s condition, but has no knowledge of his location. North Korea will not share the location of Kim Jong-Un at the moment. 

In the event that Kim Jong-Un is dead, his sister, Kim Yo-Jong will take over as North Korea’s Supreme leader. The Supreme leader is the highest position to hold in North Korea. It is important to know if Kim Jong-Un is dead or alive because people don’t know who will be next in line to take over as Supreme leader and how their new policies will be since North Korea has a dictatorship government. 

Kim Yo-Jong would take over for Kim Jong-Un and people are worried that she would be more strict than he was and won’t do as well as Kim Jong Un. There are a lot of rumors going around from many news sites saying Kim Yo-Jung will take over as Supreme leader. 

Most of the world is afraid of North Korea because of the nuclear weapons they have. North Korea does missile testing and it’s scary to other people around the world because they could use it on other countries. 

Kim Jong-Un has not been seen since April 11 and he missed the April 15 commemoration of the 108th birthday of his grandfather and North Korea’s founder, Kim II Sung. The New York Post also reports that Kim Jong-Un may have missed a key holiday on April 15 due to concerns over COVID-19. Kim Jong-Un has been North Korea’s leader since 2011. 

Fox News reported on May 1 that a North Korean lawmaker is 99 percent sure Kim Jong-Un is dead, yet there is no evidence that he is dead. He may be at a resort compound in North Korea after satellite images spotted luxury boats. 

North Korea has also canceled some large events and have imposed a border lockdown in effort to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19. 

A lot of world leaders are paying close attention to this developing story. 

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Amazon Struggles During COVID-19 Pandemic

Amazon has to adapt their processes to align with social distancing standards while ensuring customers recieve their products.

Jordan Stead- Amazon

Amazon has to adapt their processes to align with social distancing standards while ensuring customers recieve their products.

Pressure has been put on Amazon as the company deals with delays for sold-out items. There have been complaints from employees about their workplace safety and their concerns about crowded hiring events. Workers are also concerned about limited disinfectants and the company following through with commitments.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 have hit more than a dozen Amazon facilities in the past weeks calling for centers to be closed for deep cleanings. Amazon’s decision was to keep the centers open for business causing employees to petition to close the building in order to follow the social distancing guidelines. 

Southern California Amazon workers are demanding the company to shut down infected warehouses for at least two weeks because social distancing has been almost impossible in some workplaces. 

The company’s Eastvale warehouse in Riverside county was the first to report employees testing positive for the virus has escalated up to three confirmed cases as of this week.

A delivery center in Hawthorne, an Amazon Prime Now warehouse in Los Angeles and two other facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties have been some of the facilities affected and some have reported cases in late March. 

Amazon is providing up to two weeks of pay to workers that are diagnosed with Covid-19 or quarantined to ensure they can self-isolate themselves and not suffer a loss of income. The company is also offering unlimited unpaid time off for hourly workers through the end of April.

Amazon is taking measures to reduce infection in facilities by sanitizing screens and door handles during the workdays. Time shifts have also been staggered to promote social distancing for employees. 

There have been daily temperature checks for employees in the United States and Europe which began Sunday, March 9. More than 100,000 employees are receiving temperature checks per day and are also being checked before entering their workplace.

Any employee found to have a temperature of above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to go home and not return until having gone three days without the fever. 

Employees have been told to stay three feet apart, wash hands or use hand sanitizers. Some workers have said Amazon isn’t providing sufficient cleaning supplies at facilities or properly enforcing social distancing. 

Concerns about Amazon’s safety measures have escalated as employees in at least 15 warehouses across the U.S. have tested positive. 

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News Updates Besides COVID-19

Beloved country singer Kenny Rogers sadly passed away of natural causes at 81 years old.

Wade Payne, Associated Press

Beloved country singer Kenny Rogers sadly passed away of natural causes at 81 years old.


Country Music star Kenny Rogers died on March 20th in his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Known for blurring the line between country and pop music, Rogers’ music career lasted 60 years beginning with his 1957 single “That Crazy Feeling.”  Rogers spent the early years of his career in a jazz band and later a folk music band, but his solo career took off in 1978 with “Lucille,” winning him the first of four Grammy Awards.  Rogers released his last song, “Once Again Its Christmas,” in 2015 and went on his final tour in three days later, visiting only five cities.

Rogers was briefly hospitalized in May of 2019 for dehydration, but afterwards said he planned on “sticking around through the years to come.”  However, Rogers passed under the care of hospice from natural causes according to a family spokesman.

Celebrities took to the internet mourning the death of the county legend, including Dolly Parton, who sang the hit duet “Islands in the Stream” with Rogers. “I love Kenny with all my heart.  My heart is broken,” she said.

Sarah Trahern, chief executive officer of the Country Music Association, spoke of his fame, saying, “He was a global superstar who helped introduce country music to audiences around the world.”

The Gambler is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, and nephews.


Future NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady, 42, signed a two-year contract worthy of up to $59 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2020 season on March 20th.  After spending his first 20 years with the New England Patriots and earning six Superbowl rings, Brady comes to the Bucs “excited, humbled, and hungry,” per his official announcement of the deal on Instagram.  

Brady has made nine Superbowl appearances, but joins the Bucs, who currently have the second-longest active playoff drought and only one Superbowl win.  The Buccaneers are looking forward an added spark of the leadership as well as the postseason experience Brady can bring to the team. Following the signing, Bucs second year head coach Bruce Arians said, “Tom is the most successful quarterback in the history, but what makes special is his ability to make those around him better.”

Tampa fans have high hopes going into the 2020 season while Boston fans mourn the loss of their football star.  Codey Winters, a Buccaneers fan commented on the Twitter announcement, saying “This is the start of something special.”  Jeff Fuller, a Patriots fan, commented, saying, “From Pats fan to Bucs fan, you guys are getting the hardest working and greatest QB ever.”


President Trump signed legislation creating the US Space Force December 20th, 2019, thus creating the sixth branch of US armed forces.  The Space Force is the first addition to the Armed Forces since 1947, when President Truman created the Air Force.  The Space Force will maintain US dominance in space by collecting information and relaying communications around the world.  

On March 26th, the first national security mission of the USSF launched the Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite (AEHF) from Port Canaveral.  A representative for Lockheed Martin, the contractor for the AEHF satellite, released a statement saying, “The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) system provides vastly improved global, survivable, protected communications capabilities for strategic command and tactical warfighters operating on ground, sea and air platforms. The jam-resistant system also serves international partners including Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.”  

After a short delay Thursday afternoon due to a misreading of the hydraulic equipment, the rocket was launched with the satellite from the east coast of Florida.  The information that will be communicated from the satellite should last beyond 2030, according to Lieutenant General John F Thompson, Commander of the Space and Missiles Systems Centre in California.  


Although Disney has closed its doors to humans in the wake of the Coronavirus, they are still welcoming new animal guests to their parks.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently welcomed a female young porcupine and zebra foal to the park, making the announcement on their Instagram page.  

The baby porcupine, or porcupette, was born on February 25th to mother Peri.  Peri was featured during her pregnancy with vet Natalie Mylniczenko on the “One Day at Disney” documentary on Disney+.  The prehensile tail porcupette will become part of the Species Survival Plan, a plan to preserve threatened or endangered species.  The Disney veterinary team tested her small, red quills to determine her gender. Peri and her mother are staying at Animal Kingdom’s Conservation Station.

Just after the birth of the young porcupine, Disney’s zebra mother, Heidi, welcomed her first offspring.  The zebra foal is yet to be named, but, according to reports, is strong and healthy. The 65-pound filly was standing within a half hour of being born.  Mark Penning, the Vice President of Animals, Science, and Environment at Disney’s parks, said the foal will take the next few weeks to bond with her mother.  The baby will have the chance to memorize her mother’s scent and unique markings before being introduced to the Kilimanjaro Safari’s Savannah.  

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Understanding and Actions Against COVID-19

In addition to the information provided here, visist the FDA or CDC websites for helpful information on how to protect against COVID-19.

Courtesy of the FDA

In addition to the information provided here, visist the FDA or CDC websites for helpful information on how to protect against COVID-19.

In Wuhan, China in December of 2019, a patient reported to the local hospital with pneumonia like symptoms.  By December 29th, Hubei, China reported four similar cases of “pneumonia of unknown etiology” and Chinese authorities notified the World Health Organization that a new strain of the coronavirus was rapidly spreading throughout the region.

Named for its crown-like shape, the Coronavirus is a common virus first identified in the 1960’s that causes flu-like symptoms.  The deadly strand of the novel Coronavirus causes a disease, named “COVID-19,” that is spreading across the globe is simply a more resilient and dangerous strand, spreading and evolving similarly to how the influenza virus changes each year (requiring a new flu shot to be administered annually). 

Doctors around the world went to work to identify the origin of the outbreak, naming snakes and bats as the possible culprit. The virus began to spread internationally, first into Japan then the Koreas, and took its first life mid-January, just a few weeks after being first identified.

On January 21st, Washington state confirmed the United States’ first case of the Coronavirus in a man who had recently traveled to Wuhan and the second American case appeared three days later in Chicago.  

With the number of infected rising, China prepared to build new hospitals dedicated to the care and quarantine of COVID-19 patients, the US joined Japan in evacuating their citizens from Wuhan and suspended travel to and from China.   The rest of the world soon followed suit, attempting to isolate themselves from the rapidly spreading disease.  

Despite measures taken to isolate this modern-day plague, the Coronavirus quickly spread to every continent except Antarctica.   Deaths began to mount in Washington state where, 21% of the nearly 40 deaths were over 80 years of age. The virus was proving to largely affect those with compromised immune systems and underlying diseases.

Cases quickly spread across the US, from California to Chicago and eastward to New York.  While the US has already reported its first intranational spread, the East Coast’s first case of the Coronavirus appeared on March 1st in Hillsborough County Florida from tourist returning from a trip to Italy.

Hillsborough County public schools informed parents of measures that would be taken to protect the health of its students and teachers via email and schools installed hand sanitizing stations at school entrances and bus ramps along with encouraging students to wash their hands frequently.  Additionally, schools began to limit large school assemblies and encourage students and teachers who feel sick to stay home.  

Durant canceled Friday’s pre-Spring Break pep rally, following this advisory and, Friday evening, the Hillsborough County School Board announced students would not be returning to their campus’ until March 30th.  Many teachers and students were prepared for the extension of Spring Break, encouraging students to take their workbooks home and check Edsby for updates. 

The Hillsborough County announcement provided a link for online teaching resources so teachers can resume lessons on Mach 23rd, when students were originally supposed to return to school.  Durant, along with other Hillsborough County schools, will be using the extra week to clean the campuses and attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

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Victoria’s Secret Undergoes Major Changes

As the CEO of Tory Burch, Mehas seemed like an obvious chioce to be the new CEO of Victoria's Secret.

Business Insider

As the CEO of Tory Burch, Mehas seemed like an obvious chioce to be the new CEO of Victoria's Secret.

One of the most popular women’s clothing stores has been undergoing some company changes including the step down of the current CEO, Jan Singer. Victoria’s Secret has been highly known in women’s lingerie and beauty products for many years.

The “Angels” of the company promote the styles by holding an annual televised fashion show. However, after more than two decades of the annual show the angel era has come to an end. The show has went the opposite direction of want customers wanted when becoming ever sexier but with low quality.

Recently the company has been struggling in sales due to competition and style interest changing. They have lost over 3.8 million customers to rivals like Amazon and American Eagle’s Aerie, hurting their business tremendously. Other big retailers including Target and Walmart along with new online startups like Adore me have also affected the decrease in sales.

These other companies have given customers a variety of more sizes for an everyday fit that branch out to more women, they also make it more affordable while still providing the comfort. With that, the company will gain the new CEO, John Mehas, who plans to make major changes in order to keep up with rising competition.

One huge change is the closing of 53 of the company’s stores, still leaving more than 950 stores in the United States. Big changes in advertisement have been rethought, to relate to the “everyday women” that are represented by other companies in order to draw them back into shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

By having the Angels represent the entire Victoria’s Secret brand, the company created a limited view of the typical customer. Many women feel uncomfortable buying from a company that doesn’t include a wider variety of sizes that represent the brand. Model figures in their advertisements create insecurities due to many customers not fitting the guidelines as to what an “acceptable”size/body type is, shown in their advertisements and social aspects of branding.

Mehas who is also currently the president of Tory Burch has a plan to move forward with the company with his strong background in managing business. He clarifies that “Our number one priority is improving performance at Victoria’s Secret Lingerie and PINK. In doing so, our new leaders are coming in with a fresh perspective and looking at everything… our marketing, brand positioning, internal talent, real estate portfolio and cost structure.”

Wanting to bring the company into a new phase that fits women demands Mehas has taken many suggestions for the brand into thought. 

In 2016 Victoria Secret had discontinued their swim line to focus on other clothing lines, however, in 2019 the much-loved swim brand has made a come back introducing new bikinis and one pieces. Many of the lines have change slightly to hopefully increase the sales and increase the number of customers to where it once was.

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Fast Food Chains’ New Doughnut Creations

These are the two new Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Each a part of Krispy Kreme's partnership with Butterfinger.

Courtesy of Delish

These are the two new Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Each a part of Krispy Kreme's partnership with Butterfinger.

One of America’s most beloved treats is the donut. These mouth-watering pastries have been around since the late 1700s. In fact, they used to be called “Olykoek,” which means “oily cake,” and they did not even have a hole in the middle when they first came out.

In the early 1800s, a man named Hanson Gregory decided to cut a hole in the middle of this pastry to make it more accessible to consume, and now no one can imagine these classic treats without the hole in the center. These treats have been and continue to be wildly popular and relevant in today’s society. With the treat’s popularity, donut companies are constantly trying to create new flavors for the beloved pastry.

Krispy Kreme is one of the most iconic donut companies in the United States. This company is widely known for having fresh donuts at their stores along with many other donut flavors; recently Krispy Kreme has announced that a new flavor will be added to their menu. Krispy Kreme has combined the popular candy bar, Butterfinger, with their own pastries to create two separate donuts inspired by the candy.

The first donut is a standard glazed donut with a hole in the middle topped by the Butterfinger ingredients, stuffed with peanut butter inside of the treat. The second donut is a fudge cake donut, with no hole in the middle, and also has the Butterfinger flavors, peanuts and chocolate, topped onto the pastry.

As of February 20, these appetizing donuts are available for a limited time at participating locations. However, this collaboration with Butterfinger is not the only thing that Krispy Kreme has up their sleeve.

In January, Krispy Kreme launched their mini donuts, to celebrate the New Year. Not just any mini-donuts, but 90-calorie mini donuts. Krispy Kreme states that, “The intention is to help dieters stay on track with their New Year’s resolutions without feeling guilty about treating themselves.”

Donuts are being included in everything from diets to candy bars. Even fast food chains are hopping onto the popular donut trend.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for their chicken, it is their namesake after all. Recently Kentucky Fried Chicken has revealed their new limited time item, Chicken and Donuts. A customer can have their choice of if they want the combination in a basket or in the form of a sandwich.

The basket comes with one or two donuts and boneless or bone-in chicken. The sandwich is boneless chicken between two glazed donuts. This sweet and savory mixture will be available at all Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chains nationwide through March 16. The chief marketing officer of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Andrea Zahumensky, stated, “It’s a finger lickin’ good dish filled with glaze and glory.”

This year, National Donut Day is on Friday, June 5, and even though it seems far away it will come fast. On National Donut Day, Krispy Kreme gives away one free donut per customer at participating stores, no charge. Until then, the public can enjoy Krispy Kreme’s Butterfinger donuts, mini donuts, and KFC’s Chicken and Donuts. “Donut” miss out on all of these delicious donuts!

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Another Pegasus Airlines Plane Crashes

The image shows how the plane split during the crash.

Muhammed Demir

The image shows how the plane split during the crash.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, a passenger plane skid off the runway and broke into three pieces while landing at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport in Turkey. The Boeing 737 left from Izmir to Istanbul, Turkey.

The plane landed at 6:19 p.m and not long after the skid parts of the plane seemed to have caught on fire. Luckily the fire was extinguished quickly. The second section of the plane, closer to the tail, was broken off in some parts. People were seen crawling out through openings of the plane.

One person died during the accident and another 157 people were injured during the crash, caused by poor weather conditions. Aboard the Pegasus Airlines plane were 183 people, including six crew members, 175 adult passengers and two young children.

The plane skidded up to 60 meters after landing before falling into a ditch about 40 meters down. About 22 of the passengers suffered from injuries on their heads and legs. About 14 passengers suffered from broken bones in different places on the body. Firefighters, police and medics worked diligently around the clock, trying to help passengers and victims evacuate the scene. Dozens of first responders helped passengers reach nearby hospitals.

According to Reuders, the Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, said that three of the injured required surgery and two needed intensive care but none of the passengers that were injured were thought to be in life threatening danger.

The Weather radar showed a line of thunderstorms during the time of the incident which might have caused winds to pick up and be one of the causes for the crash, but nothing has been confirmed. A similar incident occurred about a month ago on January 7.

A Pegasus plane with 164 people on board skidded off the runway in Istanbul at the same airport. Passengers were able to safely evacuate the plane. No deaths or injuries took place during the incident.

Back in 2018 there was also a similar accident where a plane skid of the runway with 162 passengers on board. Passengers were able to evacuate the plane. No passengers or crew members were hurt during the accident. Pegasus Airlines confirmed that the plane was a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The plane was seen sliding down a cliff dangling right above the Black Sea coast. The airport is now closed, flights being prohibited to Istanbul because the Turkish Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation on the case. The airport is taking safety measures seriously due to cases in the past. The Turkish Prosecutor’s office is trying their best to figure out the causes and solutions that need to be put into place to ensure safety.

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Coronavirus Poses A Major Threat



Orange nations represent where at least one person has been infected by the coronavirus, the virus is spreading quickly all over the globe.

The most important festival on the Chinese calendar, Lunar New year, was January 25, but in the Chinese city of Wuhan there were few reasons to celebrate. A deadly outbreak of coronavirus entered the city in the last month, endangering the 11 million inhabitants.

Within weeks of the outbreak the virus has spread killing 170 people and there are more than 7,000 cases that have been confirmed in mainland China. The Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread across Asia and the rest of the world.

People are taking the incident very seriously and have been seen walking around with face masks for their safety and the safety of others. Police and security officers have also been seen in face masks standing outside of the city’s center market, Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.

The coronavirus was traced back to the Wuhan market where live wild animals such as bats, rats, snakes, dogs, and monkeys were being sold. Scientists believe that the animals that were sold at the market might have contained the coronavirus. People consumed these wild animals in unhygienic conditions which created the spark for the coronavirus outbreak.

The sale of live animals has been temporarily banned, but should be completely banned because of the threat to human survival posed by the disease within these animals. The market is being guarded and civilians are prohibited from entering the area.

People are starting to fear and speculate that it may turn into a possible epidemic. The Wuhan government has tried to contain the outbreak, but their efforts were too late, as the virus was able to spread to several provinces across the country. China has gone on lockdown in attempt to prevent further spreading. Other countries have taken preventive measures to avoid outbreaks by shuting down flights to China.

Tour agencies have banned Wuhan from allowing anyone out of the city,placing the city under quarantine. Passengers are provided with masks, gloves, and are having thermometer checks on their heads for fevers.

President Trump has 20 US airports checking passengers for symptoms of coronavirus since there has been six confirmed cases, two in California, one in Arizona, one in Washington, one in Illinois and the first person to person transmission in Chicago. U.S health officials say the risk in the U.S remains low.

There are more than 1,000 Americans stuck in Wuhan. The Trump administration was considering a complete travel ban on China to prevent spreading. Scientists across the US are trying to create a vaccine for the coronavirus but are struggling to make the vaccine available.

People are encouraged to watch out for the symptoms the virus may cause as it is becoming a huge threat to humans. Washing hands, covering coughs, and making smart choices when purchasing meats should be considered. The virus continues to spread across the globe and has reached 17 countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Germany and the United States. The coronavirus has called for a global emergency and countries are trying their best to help the situation and prevent spreading. Could this be the start of a worldwide deadly epidemic?

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Adamari Jaimez, Staff Writer

Adamari Jaimez is a junior at Durant High School. She was a staffer for the Durant yearbook and then became a Staff Writer for the Pawprint newspaper to...

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