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March’s Spicy Memes

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  1. Evil Patrick: This meme surfaced late February to early March, predominantly on twitter. The “Evil Patrick” meme is a screen grab from an episode of Sponge Bob, and Patrick Star’s eyes are photoshopped upside down, giving him a menacing appearance. Captions for this meme mostly relate to an intentional menacing act that is about to be performed. The spiciness level of this meme is 4/5 habanero peppers for the versatility of the original picture and the wide variety of captions. 
  2. Drake and Josh Door Meme: This meme also popped up in late February on Twitter. The background is from the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh specifically the episode where  they build a tree house. After completing the main walls for the tree house, Drake forgets to bring a saw to cut a door hole, not realizing this until after they put it up. Josh astonished his step brother could make such a stupid mistake gives him a dumbfounded look. Spiciness level is 3/5 habanero peppers, what counted against this meme is the lack of flexibility of it. 
  3. Double D’s Book of Facts: This meme has actually been around for awhile, but has started picking up popularity like never before recently. It is prominent on Instagram. The show where the screenshot originated from is Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd, and Eddy. The picture is of Edd, also known as Double D, holding up his “Book of Facts” with a manic look on his face. Spiciness level for this bad boy is 4/5 because of how it can tie into other memes, or just be flat out shocking. 
  4. God’s Plan Starts Playing Meme: This is a screen grab from the music video of rapper Drake’s single God’s Plan. This meme gained popularity over Twitter in the past week, and is used to show extreme gratification over most of the time a small kind act. Spiciness level is 2/5 for low impact uses. 
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