How this Generation Connects over Absurd Humor

Hailey Reyes, Layout Editor

From Rick and Morty to the Simpsons, morbidity and absurd humor has been apart of our culture for decades. Recently this type of humor has become increasingly important to our culture.

Part of the reason for this growth is the massive access that each person has to the internet. When platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter first came out people learned how to over-share. Now, ten years later, people are able to make livings off of oversharing on YouTube and Instagram.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you are a fan of this morbid and rated R humor, the most popular of these social media stars tend to be the ones who are willing to do the most insane, dangerous activities and film them.

A prominent YouTuber, Filthy Frank is the epitome of vile, absurd, and insensitive humor. However inappropriate Filthy Frank’s content may be, he still gains millions of views on each of his gory and ironically racist videos.

Along with this provocative humor, there are many parts of internet culture that is indecipherable and unwelcome to adults. One of these things being memes. Yes, there are adults who falsely believe that they understand memes, but this belief is refuted by the wide spread use of rage comics by adults.

In reality memes are ever changing, inconsistent, and very niche. To understand memes a person must be constantly immersing theirselves in internet culture. The truth is that the teenagers of today are using the internet enough to be apart of this culture and to understand this culture that their parents can’t.

One of the most recent memes that falls under the absurd but appropriate classification is “de wae.” This started circulating around the beginning of January and was insanely popular among Durant students. There is no reasonable explanation to why this meme was so funny to students but still, references were made continuously for two weeks before it died in mid-January.

As this year continues it will be interesting to see if this humor will grow more intense and dangerous or if will slowly die out.