Impact of Environmental Changes Imminent in Florida


Courtesy if Miami Waterfronts

Waterfront properties like Miami proterties are the most at risk due to environmental changes.

Nick Travis, Staff Writer

New studies show that Florida is going to be affected by global warming in many different ways by the end of this decade. Due to rising sea levels as a result of global warming, Florida could have almost 64,000 homes at risk due to by 2030, but Miami’s beaches are at the highest risk

Approximately one third of West Palm Beach residents could lose their homes by 2030.. This upcoming crash in the real estate market could lead to a loss of 1.1 trillion of economic value and would result in a loss of 16.9 million in annual property tax revenue, due to all this loss thus could potentially throw up stock points or lower them due to the economy going into a pandemic. 

The study not only shows which communities stand to lose the most value but also which zipcodes are the most at-risk from global warming.  Miami Beach is the most at risk, with 1,584 houses and $610 million of property value potentially being wiped out due to rising sea levels. The impact of the rising sea levels will not just target home value loss and damage but flood insurance and the mortgage industry as prices could go up affecting everyone as a whole.

Besides damaging homes, rising sea levels could also lead to an outbreak of diseases that can be carried by many different organisms. An example would be mosquitoes’ population could expand due to warming temperatures which also gives the mosquitos the potential to expand their habitat. 

Global warming not only raises sea levels, but can cause temperatures to rise and cause the appearance of more storms and hurricanes. Thus rising temperatures can cause the loss of plant and animal species. As sea temperatures are rising this could damage up to 6,000 coral reefs off the coast of the Florida keys and heavy storms could damage natural habitats and nesting areas for many animals. As we expect higher temperatures more heat waves will start to happen we will also expect longer-lasting heatwaves in Florida and across the country, these heat waves could affect the wellbeing of individuals due to fact the heat can cause many health problems such as a heat stroke,heat exhaustion,etc. 

There are solutions to global warming,  to give ourselves the best chance of protecting future generations from the worst consequences of global warming, scientists have said the U.S. and other developed countries need to cut our carbon emissions so that by 2020 we’re emitting 25-40 percent less carbon into the air than we were in 1990. It’s a steep goal but Florida and other states are heading in the right direction as we are cutting on our emission gases, we are starting to use more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. All this will add up to help slow the process of global warming.