Recap of the 2019 World Series

After a a struggle to defeat the Astros, the Nationals regin as the 2019 World Series champions.

After a a struggle to defeat the Astros, the Nationals regin as the 2019 World Series champions.

Mason Gourley, Staff Writer

The World Series started October 22, with the Houston Astros facing the Washington Nationals located at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. The game started with Gerrit Cole pitching to the Nationals for the first inning, holding them off. Max Scherzer pitched against the Astros and he walks the first player and the second player hits a line-drive to left field. The third batter hits a bomb to the wall of left field and next two players score runs from a double. The score was 2-0 Astros. In the second inning the Nationals hit a solo home run for the inning. For the entirety of the third inning, no teams score. The Nationals lead the game with another solo home run and an RBI with the ball to left field. On a double another player scored making the score 5-2. The Astros hit a home run followed by a hit to center as well. Final inning, the Nationals held the Astros from scoring and finishes it with the score of 5-4 in Game #1.

Game #2 was at Minute Maid Park on October 23. The game started with Justin Verlander pitching for the Astros. He let two players on the bases and a teammate hit a shot to left field running both players in to make the score 2-0, then no other batters score. Stephen Strasburg is pitching for the Nationals. The Astros hit to left and a base hit is played followed by a homerun to left field, tying the game. The next two innings, no one scores. In the bottom of the 5th the Nationals had hit a home run to left field taking the lead 3-2. At the top of the seventh inning, bases are full, then a base hit scored one more run followed by three more from the Astros errors. The eighth inning comes, and the Nationals rally out 5 runs back to back circling the bases. The Nationals win Game #2 12-3.

Game #3 occurred at Nationals Park, Washington D.C October 25. Starting off, Anibal Sanchez pitched for the Nationals. Neither team scored in the first inning. The first score came in the second inning when the Astros scored two runs from Nationals errors leading with 2-0. No action in the 3rd inning. A walk started the fourth inning for the Nationals followed by a liner to left corner bringing one run in. With the score 2-1 the Astros brought in two more runs from base hits and errors. No action in the fifth inning but canceling full bases on the Nationals. The sixth inning started out with a home run off the foul pole making the score 4-1. The Astros held the Nationals all the way to the ninth inning, striking out the last batter finalizing the score 4-1 for Game #3.

Game #4 was hosted at Nationals Park on October 26. Patrick Corbin on the mound in the first inning for the Nationals. An RBI was played by the Astros when the ball was hit to left center with players on first and second, giving them the lead 1-0. A ball hit down the line from the Astros scored another run, maintaining their lead. Nothing for the next two innings, until the top of the fourth, the Astros hit a two-run homer leading 4-0. In the fifth inning the Nationals held the Astros. The Nationals load the bases and scored one from an RBI, with a score of 4-1. Astros hit a grand slam and emptied the bases leading 8-1. The next two innings finish out with no score changes, the Astros end Game #4 with the final score of 8-1.

Game #5 was at Nationals Park on October 27. With Joe Ross starting, quickly flies through the first inning. Astros hit a two-run homer taking the lead 2-0. Inning three neither team managed to score but turned it around the fourth inning when the Astros hit another two-run homer. The next three innings go by and no one scores. Bottom of the seventh, the Nationals get on the board with one home run. During the eighth inning Astros score three holding the lead until finally finishing the game with 7-1 victory.

Game #6 occurred at Minute Maid Park on October 29. Justin Verlander pitching, Nationals scored one starting the lead. Astros with a base hit and a player on third ties the game by scoring. Following, Astros hit a homerun taking the lead 2-1. Top of the 5th comes and Nationals hit home runs back to back Stealing the lead. 7th inning comes and Nationals hit a two-run homer. Top 9th and Nationals still holding the lead hits a bomb to the outfield scoring two runs and winning 7-2.

The final game was at Minute Maid park on October 30. Each teams’ records tied 3-3 coming down to this very game. Zack Greinke pitching the first inning, held the Nationals. Astros took the lead hitting a home run in the second inning. Bottom of the fifth arrived with neither team scoring again, until the Astros scored another from an RBI holding the lead 2-0. Top of the seventh comes and the Nationals get on the board hitting a home run followed by another one getting two more runs taking the lead 3-2. During the eighth inning the Nationals score another on a base hit. Top of the ninth bases loaded, the Nationals hit a ground ball scoring two more, and finally holding the Astros and taking the 2019 World Series title with a score of 6-2.