Universal Hollywood updates the Jurassic Park section of the park


The Jurassic World World ride replaced the old Jurassic Park that had been in place since 1997.

Nick Travis, Staff Writer

At Universal Studios Hollywood a new, fun, interactive ride was built for the enjoyment of welcoming visitors, Jurassic World the Ride. This ride includes many aspects that make it unique, such as a Raptor encounter where visitors can meet Blue the Raptor and other friendly new dinosaurs.

Another new feature to Universal Studios Hollywood is a display, which is an interactive play area for younger guests. If parents need a break from their kids, this would be the spot to send them. Another new addition is the new shop Isla Nu-Bar. If guests are thirsty from a long walk to the ride, they can stop by Isla Nu-Bar and get a refreshing tropical drink, they offer a large selection to please picky customers. To add, if guests’ appetites grow and want something to eat, well they can stop by the Jurassic Café and get a delicious meal for lunch and feast like a T-rex.

According to the official Universal Studios Hollywood website, the minimum height is 42 inches or 107cm, passengers 42 inches to 48 inches are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For more information, the Universal website can provide more details.

To start off, the boat consists of four rows, each seating five people. The ride is like a flume ride therefore it floats on water with safety pads to prevent damages to passengers. The ride starts by going over a bump that may shake passengers up. Afterwards, the boat heads into a viewing of the mosasaurs tank with a speaker that will explain the mosasaurs background and their appetite, it is likely that guests will get wet on the ride.

Next guests head through a tunnel to herbivores section and get to see them in action feeding. Then the boat will enter the predator code section, and lucky enough, guests will get to enter the T-rex kingdom and guests get to see the king. After that, guests will travel through a tunnel seeing their favorite Raptors and the T-rex and the new Indominus Rex all in full conflict with each other fighting. Then guests head down a drop having water splashed all over guests, ending the ride. If guests enjoyed the ride, afterwards they can stop by the little store to grab a collectable or shirt or even jewelry