The Durant wrestling team prepares for 2019-2020 season


The wrestling team gathers to celebrate their camaraderie in anticipation for the upcoming season.

Adamari Jaimez, Staff Writer

As the Durant wrestling season rolls around the corner, wrestlers are beginning to prepare themselves for a successful season.

Last year, wrestler Hendon Haley placed second in districts, won regionals which then took him to placing fourth in the state tournament. It was a great accomplishment for the team and Haley being the last out of his five brothers with a history and experience in wrestling, made his family and coaches proud and brought motivation to his fellow wrestlers. He is the team captain for the Durant Wrestling team and is a role model to others.

 This year three of the events will be home matches which is a great opportunity for people to come support the team.

 There are two kinds of tournaments in wrestling; dual and individual bracket tournaments (IBT). Dual tournaments are team against team matches where the team with the most points earned wins. IBT is more of a one on one competition where each wrestler enters a competition with everyone in their weight class to determine best of the best. Preparing for tournaments can be challenging for most wrestlers as they must maintain a certain weight to be able to compete in one of the fourteen weight classes.

“Don’t eat junk food and drink lots of water. Just maintain your diet and stay active,“ said Christapher Perez [10].

 Although wrestling practice may be difficult, it motivates and brings out the best from the wrestlers. Perez was one of the first freshman to make it to regionals in thirteen years. He won an underclassmen of the year award for his outstanding performance and is looked up to by many of his team members.

 “It’s fun to do and it gives you motivation for other things too because if it’s not as hard as wrestling then it’s obviously not that hard,” said Austin Bovee [10].

Bovee joined wrestling as a freshman. Being a first-year wrestler, he did an extraordinary job and it made a huge impact on him.

 “It brings out another part of you that you never knew was there, “said Jorge Palacios [11].

 Palacios enjoys wrestling and has found an inner potential in himself that ties him to wrestling.

Most of the wrestlers are looking forward to the state tournaments and are trying their best to reach their goals.

 The coaches for this year are Coach Kauderman, Haley, and Beaty and they are helping their wrestlers reach their goals but they also have a goal as they prepare these young men for success.

 “It’s not just about wrestling, wrestling is fun and builds confidence. Some guys don’t wrestle because they are afraid of the one on one competition but those who do, get beyond that and once they begin to experience success they are locked in, “said Beaty.

The coaches try to encourage wrestling to others as it builds character, integrity and honesty. “Being able to overcome obstacles even though there are disadvantages I think is very important and what I try to teach as a coach, “said Kauderman.

 The wrestlers, coaches and families are full of anticipation for this year wrestling season and what it has to offer.