Area 51 as a meme becomes a reality.


John Locher

Photo of raiders protesting thr freedom of aliens "kept" in Area 51.

Nick Travis, Staff Writer

Recently the military base called Area 51, has blown up in popularity over the question, are there aliens at the Area 51 base? This question has hovered around social media for a very long time and it wasn’t until a few months ago it started to become relevant across all social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. 

Then people started to think, how we would figure out if there is aliens at area 51, then they came up with the term “Storm Area 51” coined by a Facebook event, set to occur September 20, 2019. While it seemed like a reasonable idea, most people generally agreed that it would never happen. Social media is one of thelargest influences to people of all ages across the world, which that led to, people making petitions to raid the Area 51 base. This idea blew up across the U.S as hoards of people signed rudhed to this online petition. In total close to 2 million citizens signed the petition.

This topic has also became a variety of poplar memes, there have been thousands of memes made about the Area 51 raid which led to it getting some many people to sign the petitions. Lil Nas X took the meme to a whole other level releasing an additional remix of Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and Mason Ramsey, the video being an animation of the group raidng Area 51.

On the other hand this caught the attention of the military, who were very against people rvsp’ ing the event that would be a potential threat to military security and anyone who decided to attend the event. The Air Force especially found this  dangerous and sent out several discouraging messages to those who were considering attending the event.

Once the date for the raid arrived, nothing near as major occured. About 3,000 people showed up to Area 51, but none of the individuals attempted to storm into the base. However, one of the individuals in attendance urinated by the gate and got arrested. This long expected raid never ended up occuring, even with the thousands of people who signed the petition.

Internet jokers have been around for a long time but these jokers should take serious consideration when it comes what they say. Nowadays social media has an enormous influence, and has very large, and very serious effects on the things around us.

What would have happened if people stormed Area 51? Well the raiders storming in would have been arrested by the military. Overall this topic has been a big thing hovering around our life and is something that has been talked about by many people and was successful at what was trying to get accomplished.