Child hockey player mic’d up during team practice; makes hilarious commentary


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Child hockey player gives humorous comments during team practice.

Marina Hawkins, Staff Writer & Photo Editor

The mind of a four-year old is difficult to process, and every parent wants to know what is happening inside their mind whenever they do the ridiculous activities that kids are known for. Young children contain an amount of energy that knows no bounds.

To waste a child’s almost-limitless amount of energy, many parents decide to include their child in sports activities that includes a lot physical exercise. Children who play sports tend to have a certain lack of focus, compared to an older adolescence.

As a result of children giving little-to-zero dedication toward their sport, coaches and parents often wonder what is contributing to the mindset of their child’s actions.

While some parents question the actions of their unattentive children, other parents are in the works to figure out what is happening in their young brains.  Well, to give a humorous answer to this scenario, coach Jeremy Rupke from Ontario, Canada attached a mic to his four-year-old son, Mason, during a practice for the Timbits minor hockey team in order to hear exactly what is happening in his son’s mind during practice.

The mic would pick up and record any commentary that Mason would speak.

After Mason was recorded during the practice, Rupke decided to post his experience online with the rest of the world. Following the recent sharing of the recording from many big-name Twitter accounts, such as JJ Watt; player for Houston Texans and ESPN, the video containing Rupke’s recordings of his son soon became viral across social media. What went on out on the ice was a fun way to observe how young children think in correlation to how they perform on and off their field of play.

View the video below for the full commentary from Mason, as recorded by his father.