In Focus: Gage Young

Jennifer Kious

Hailey Reyes, Editor-in-Chief of Writing & Design

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While entering the final inning of his high school education, Gage Young now must consider the opportunities he may encounter in a new ball field. Due to his diligent and consistent hard work completed in high school Young will find little difficulty in his transition to higher education, on this new field.

Before anything else Young is a baseball player, his coaches and experiences playing baseball have shaped him into the person he is today. Young’s future and past is filled with baseball and he finds it difficult to imagine a life without it. After graduation, he hopes to play baseball for as long as circumstances allow.

Young’s successful 15-year baseball career thus far has entailed- a near entry into the little league world series, a placing of twelfth out of 104 teams in Cooperstown, a district title his freshman year, and several district appearances.

Young describes one of his most memorable high school experiences as, “Wining the district title freshman year, seeing all of my brother excited and excelling in something they love to do is very heartwarming.”

Young is thankful for every baseball coach and teacher who has impacted his life but a few such as Coach Smitty [Mr. Smith] and Tony Saladino have had influences on his life that he will not forget.

About Tony Saladino, Young said, “He has coached me from the time that I was seven and during that time has helped me to become the person and baseball player that I am today.”

Coach Smitty though, being Young’s Criminal justice teacher has opened life opportunities for him. After completing Criminal Justice this year, Young will received his unarmed Security guard license, which, he says, is one step towards a possible career in law enforcement.

Young explained that his parents have been his biggest support throughout high school; they are persistent in motivating him to keep his grades up, staying involved in clubs such as National Honor Society, Student Government Association, and Students All Connected.

In alignment with Youngs accomplishments in baseball, his academic career has been above average- he has taken AP and honors classes which help to bring his weighted GPA up to a 5.1 and he scored an 1100 on his SAT.

After high school, Young plans to attend Palm Beach State College where he will play baseball for two years before he transfers to a four-year college.