“Tetris 99” is a New Free Addition to the Nintendo Switch Software Library



Preston Jones, Business Manager & Staff Writer

Following the likes of ‘battle royale’ styled games such as Fortnite and the Apex Legends, a brand new last-man-standing title is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

After it’s surprise announcement and launch during Nintendo’s February presentation video featuring multiple announcements for future game releases for its platform, the popular puzzle block dropping game, Tetris 99, marked its way as a free addition to the Nintendo Switch lineup for members of Nintendo’s online subscription service, “Nintendo Online.” Consumers who are subscribed to the service are automatically qualified to download Tetris 99 as a part of the online package.

The long running Tetris series is a franchise beloved by many hardcore and casual fans of puzzle games around the world. Being the next entry to the game series, Tetris 99 offers a new sense of enjoyment to the classic game-play with a fresh new spin.

Tetris, similar to the likes of games such as Dr. Mario and Puyo Puyo, is a puzzle game that requires the player to rotate and move differently shaped blocks, otherwise known as “tetriminos,” which fall from the top of the playing field to the area the player wishes to place them. To continue forward, the player must clear lines at the bottom of the playing field by placing the tetriminos into the empty gaps. As the game progresses, the speed and intensity of the game continues to increase, requiring the player to make quick and purposeful decisions before the stack of tetriminos reach the very top of the matrix, ending in a K.O.

The big twist featured in Tetris 99 is the ability to challenge 98 other contestants in a single game. When a player first starts up a match, the player automatically matches up with 98 other opponents via a Wi-Fi connection.

At the end of the round, or once K.O.’d, players will see where they ranked with all 98 opponents combined.

Each player is given the ability to send “garbage lines” that stack on an opponents’ grid when the player completes a combo within the current game. In Tetris 99, players are given the option to target their garbage at an opponent in one of four groups.

  • The “Randoms” option allows the player to target garbage at random opponents across the range of remaining contestants.
  • The “Badges” option allows the player to target opponents who have an abundance of badges gained from K.O.’d opponents.
  • The “K.O.’s” option will allow the player to send garbage toward opponents who are near the edge of getting knocked out of their game.
  • Finally, the “Attackers” option will cause garbage to be sent toward opponents who have sent garbage to the player’s matrix.

In the light of a new genre being implemented into the battle royale format, fans are excited to see what the future of Tetris and other video-games has in-store for 2019. For more information regarding the famous line-clearing, T-spinning, block-rotating mind game of Tetris 99, visit nintendo.com or download the game off the Nintendo e-Shop on the Nintendo Switch.