Novemberfest 2018 in review

This is the popular Rock N' Roll ride.

Angelique Robinson

This is the popular Rock N' Roll ride.

Angelique Robinson, Staff Writer & Social Media Coordinator

Brandon, Fla.- Nativity Catholic Church holds Novemberfest every year, approximately a week before Thanksgiving. This year’s event lasted from November 14-18. Each year the event attracts lots of people of all ages but especially high schoolers. At Novemberfest there are always rides, food, live concerts, raffles and games.

The event had rides that everyone can enjoy. There are two funhouses for kids to enjoy, one the one every fair has and then a Mario themed one with obstacles. Also available for kids were the rides with cars going in circles, they had the toddler version and the one for elementary school children, there was also a merry go round and the spinning dragons.

For teens and adults most of the rides involve spinning. Rides like Zero Gravity and Alien Abduction are two of the rides that spin quickly, the only difference being that one rotates as it spins. These types of rides are not for the light of heart.

Sadly, however many fan favorites were missing from this year’s event. The event lacked a Tilt-A-Whirl, Bumper Cars, and a few others. These being gone caused longer lines at other favorites like Typhoon and Rock’N’Roll to be longer than usual.

There were lots of classic carnival games and prizes to be won. All around the event people could be seen with the various prizes from all the games. The most frequent prize was goldfish, coincidently they were prizes at the fishbowl game, where you throw a ping-pong ball into the tiny fishbowls.

There were less food options than usual, especially when it came to desserts. Several teens complained that the stand that usually sold all the deep-fried candies and treats was not present this year, leaving desserts to cotton candy, caramel apples and funnel cakes. Aside from this there were still plenty of options for food. There were classic fair foods like corndogs, hotdogs, pizza or fries, but there were exotic things, like Polish and Indian food options.

Raffles and the live band performances occurred under a big white tent. There were lots of different artists that performed over the five days of the event. Genres for the performers vastly varied from a children’s chorus to a local rock band.

Overall people seemed to enjoy the event as there were still about a thousand people at the event. All around the site friends and families could be seen enjoying their time together.