Disney to launch its own streaming service


Daily Dot

Aneesa Anderson, Photo Team & Staff Writer

Last year, Disney announced that it would be launching its own paid streaming service in 2019. The new platform is set to stream all pre-existing and upcoming Disney films and TV shows. A name for the service has not yet been decided but many are calling the new service “Disney Play” or “Disneyflix.”

Disney acquired the majority of BAMTech, a technology provider and steaming giant, to create the subscription service in a 1.58 billion deal. BAMTech powers streaming for MLB, WWE, HBO, and NHL.

A 2012 deal allowed Netflix to stream Disney films, but with the announcement of the new service came the news that all Disney and Pixar titles would be pulled from Netflix in 2020.

Disney wants to produce new original films and TV shows for the subscription service. A live-action Stars Wars series has been confirmed for the subscription service. Disney is also planning to create new shows based around characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Loki and The Scarlet Witch.

The platform will not have any R-rated films, and instead these films will be streamed on Hulu, which Disney owns part of. An official subscription price has not yet been announced but Disney is aiming for the service to cost less than Netflix.