A Fake Vine 2 App is Fooling the Internet



Fake "Vine" comeback

Aneesa Anderson, Photo Team & Staff Writer

In October of 2016, it was announced that the popular mobile app, Vine, would be shutting down. Twitter bought the video-sharing service back and 2012 and ultimately made the decision to delete it.

The end of Vine sparked overwhelming outcry from the public, with people creating petitions and sending angry letters to Twitter in hopes that the social media giant would bring Vine back. But Twitter refused to relent and the Vine app was shut down in early 2017.

Though Twitter rejected to listen to the public, Dom Hofman, one of the founders of Vine, did not. Hofman announced that he was going to make a second vine app, called “V2”, tweeting, “I’m going to work on a follow-up to Vine. I’ve been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, dms, etc.”

There was a roar of excitement from former Vine users after Hofman’s big announcement. People were very eager to be able to create more vines.

Unfortunately, On May 4, Hofman tweeted that the second Vine would be postponed for “an indefinite amount of time.” He explained that financial and legal difficulties were the reason for the halt in production.

Recently, a company called ‘VidWorld Labs AB’ created a Vine-style app called V2. Many people downloaded it thinking it was the official second Vine as it had the same name as the app that the vine creators were working on. The internet was buzzing, with everyone discussing the return of Vine on Twitter and Instagram. Even former Vine stars were downloading the fraudulent app and posting on social media about it.

Shortly after the fake Vine 2 came out, the real V2 app released a statement on Twitter, saying “Unfortunately, we are not currently in the app store. That is an impersonation.” They also went on to explain that when released, “V2” will no longer be the app’s name.

The fake V2 only permitted users to sign up using their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Now that it has been confirmed that V2 is not the real Vine sequel, many are worried that their login info to these accounts is being used for the wrong reasons.