Saves The Day releases New Album titled “9,” pays tribute to the band’s career


Saves The Day

Preston Jones, Business Manager & Staff Writer

Saves The Day is an American rock band that originated in 1997 in the state of New Jersey. They are well-known for their hit albums Through Being Cool (1999) and Stay What You Are (2001) which received very positive reception from both critics and fans. With darker themed lyrics combined with melodic hooks that catch the listener’s attention, Saves The Day has influenced many hit rock bands that will eventually make their own mark on the music industry.

Following their pop-punk release of the self-titled album, Saves The Day (2013), the band is back with a brand new album titled “9,” out of respect for the release being the ninth studio album officially produced by Saves The Day.

Saves The Day’s frontman, Chris Conley, took a different approach when he wrote the newest album. While their 2013 release featured more lighthearted songs with pop-punk vibes that differentiate the record from their past albums, 9 tells the story the band’s journey over the years. This time around, Conley sings of “walking the crescent moon castles in English sand” and “20 years go by like pages from a calendar blowing in the wind.”

From the early beginnings of the Can’t Slow Down tours to the current state of the band, Conley covers it all. The record’s run-time clocks in at about 44 minutes and features the song “29” that runs at about 21-minutes to describe Conley’s entire personal journey.

Below you can find the full tracklisting of 9 and a link to Saves The Day’s lead single for 9, titled “Rendezvous.”

  1. Saves The Day (2:34)
  2. Suzuki (1:19)
  3. Side By Side (3:12)
  4. Kerouac & Cassady (3:43)
  5. It’s Such A Beautiful World (2:11)
  6. Rosé (3:39)
  7. 1997 (2:47)
  8. Rendezvous (3:37)
  9. 29 (21:30)

The full album is available via Equal Vision Records. For more Saves The Day, visit