“Small Foot” Movie Offers Big Appeal to Kids

Small Foot (2018)

Courtesy of Book My Show

Small Foot (2018)

Rodnasha Williams, Photo Editor & Staff Writer

Plant City, Fla.–The movie “Small Foot” gives an inspiring message to kids that it is okay to be curious because it leads you to new things.

The main character, a yeti named Migo, comically shows kids to believe in themselves even though everyone else might not believe them. Migo’s belief that humans do exist, led to his whole village throwing him out because they thought he was lying. However, that didn’t stop Migo from showing everyone the truth. Migo went on an adventure to prove that humans are real and because of this he showed that believing in yourself can inspire you to do what you believe is right even if someone doesn’t believe in you.

The movie also has some catchy songs that make the audience want to sing-a-long and learn the lyrics. This is a good feature in the movie because the music will resonate with the ages.

The movie shows different perspectives between yetis and humans. From each perspective, it shows how the humans are scared of the yetis; but, through the yeti’s eyes, it shows how the yetis love humans and want to be friends. This message will hit home with viewers of all ages–that we should not be afraid of people who are different than us.

I recommend this movie to for kids under 12, as well as adults. This age group may likely have to face conflict for the first time, and this movie can help them become more confident in themselves and to also help them to learn that being curious is a way of learning new things.

Rating: 8/10