Hurricane Florence Strikes Hard in the Carolinas


Hurricane Florence left severe damage in the Carolinas. Photo from "The Source."

Angelique Robinson, Staff Writer & Social Media Coordinator

Tampa Bay, Fla.–This year’s largest hurricane thus far is Hurricane Florence, which has mainly impacted North and South Carolina. The majority of both states were asked to evacuate in order for them to escape the brutality of the storm.

The hurricane has caused mass flooding in the Carolinas. According to the New York Times, there are several rivers that are already in “major flood,” and are continuing to rise even after the storm has passed. This is creating problems for many people in the Carolinas–as the floods continue, more roads are closed off, isolating some communities. According to the Washington Post, there is no way into Wilmington, N.C. due to the amount of flooding in the coastal area. The Post even referred to Wilmington as a new island.

The situation is becoming increasingly dangerous for residents in North and South Carolina. The death toll is up to 25, with 19 confirmed dead in North Carolina and six confirmed in South Carolina (BBC News).

While causing damage to people, property is also taking a massive hit due to this hurricane. Most people would assume that for homeowners in coral areas that flood insurance would be a necessity, but this is not the case. According to CNBC News, the property damage is estimated between $17-$22 billion dollars, if the flooding does not get much worse. Luckily for taxpayers and employees, the economy will not take a massive hit due to this.

Many officials fear possible future environmental dangers near the Carolina mountains, such as landslides, or flooding from full rivers.